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Friday is the long awaited 21.st December 2012 ! It is winter solstice, beginning of the Age of Aquarius, end of the 5000 years long Mayan calendar, the beginning of the long predicted “Age of Enlightenment” - and also (according to Nasa scientists) earth will enter an alignment with the centre of the galaxy for 3 days : 20. -22.nd Dec. This happens only every 26 THOUSAND YEARS !!! At such a time, the solar system, all planets and also earth will receive a boost of cosmic energy, which causes all DNA to change & upgrade spontaneously and helps to experience BLISS & higher states of consciousness. 

It is very advisable to stay at home (i.e. not do big travels) and meditate a lot during these 2-3 days – especially Friday and Saturday. Enjoy the beam of energy, go inside, have good meditations, and if you get any insights or good ideas: write them down and don´t forget to put them into practice! Some people... speak about ascension or a shift into a higher dimension. It all means the same: a transformation to a state of more Sattva, more energy, knowledge, happiness, empowerment and a more enlightened state ! 

It´s a one-in-26-Thousand-Years- chance to evolve !!! Let´s use this immensely precious time for the best! Enjoy a happy shift of the ages !!!

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Thank you Sam

I was wondering why I got to thinking so much more today

and something I never do is take a nap sleep 

and today I slept two times very hard and very deeply

I woke up very refreshed also

Amen,  MsAlex.  Scientists are just beginning to understand quantum mechanics and they agree strongly with those words.




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