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I have a lot of favorites, men, women and groups

This lady would have been 70 this Saturday...IF ONLY

Janis was not fond of the drugs that took her life in an OD

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Janis Joplin....

thank you

he is a man with an interesting life

one of his paintings I like is this one

wonderful song with many versions by various artists

it was originally an aria by George Gershwin  for the play Porgy and Bess

I enjoyed that play very much

Janis was a true genius.  She ordered a case of her favorite booze to be drank at her funeral.......Southern Comfort.  She knew that she was going to die.

I never cared much for southern comfort

I am a Yukon Jack drinker


Merlot wine

but mostly water or coffee,black and strong

My favorite stuff is Meyer's Jamaican Rum and a decent Cabernet Sauvignon.

Craig, when I was younger I preferred Canadian Club Manhattans and the following.....

It is so sad when one decides to self destruct their life before it is time to go

I have been listening to Charles Trenet  today

Craig, she is still singing.




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