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I haven't gone to a Family Reunion for years.

I do miss that myself but most of the organizers

are not with us anymore.

I have been having a lot of company lately and

it has taken some time but I love it...how about you?

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Having one this weekend, sort'a.  Funeral for the family patriarch...

sorry to hear about the passing of the family patriarch

but is good for the people remaining to remember them

swapping stories etc...good to remember

2 weeks!

wowI thought they only lasted 3-4 days

you are strong

Except for my brother and me, there is nobody left in my family.  When we are gone, this branch of my family name will cease to exist.  Ah well, as in the dying words of Ian Fleming......."It's been a lark".

My 3 daughters

Carolyn (50) Mary (51) and Claudia (49 )

all came to visit Mom this March - April

one stayed 4 days, one 10  days and the youngest 30 days

I was quite happy to see them all and altho I have only a 1 bedroom cottage

we all managed to each have a bed of our own and there was plenty of

bbq cooking outdoors

I welcomed them and love them equally but after a month I waved good bye

I cleaned the cottage top to bottom then poured myself a shot of Yukon Jack 

wow you are all so beautiful. 

I'll bet you did have a lot of fun

and it is good to get back home.

Luvy what a nice picture and I'll bet some fond memories you and husband have of that visit.

My has not had a Family Reunion for years. Funerals have become our reunions.

There are only 7 of us first cousins left in the family now

Jim the oldest is 80 now.

I am the MOM of 3 children

only one had 4 children

of those 4 She is a Grandma to 8


I am great grandma of eight

my brother and sisters are gone

and my  dear loving parents

I have also outlived two husbands

all is well and I continue to float

down the stream like a dry cow pie

going in whatever direction 

the flow takes me stopping once

in a while to climb the bank and

observe people places and things

then float on down to another

adventure where life sends me

©Julia A Knaake

I am the oldest in my family now other than the cousins that are mostly 20 years older than me.  Most of the ones near my age are secound cousins.

I had a cousin that was 26 years older than me. I kept calling her Aunt Donna. One day she said

"Honey I'm your first cousin not your Aunt."

Later on I was told I was a surprise child. 

I asked Ma to see my birth certificate. she old me 

"I got you off a ship. "

She did not have my birth certificate to show me so for years I thought I was a Jewish child that came over on the ships to escape the Holocaust.   I had such an imagination as a child because I was left alone a lot and loved to read.  I survived and finally got my birth certificate at age 18.

I grew up about 30 miles from my cousins. I call the owner of the ranch my father worked for brothers and sister-in-laws Aunts and Uncles. They treated us like family.




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