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In early November,with Thanksgiving just three weeks away, and Christmas advertisements starting, and  with the warm sultry nights of summer long gone here on Long Island, I opened my front door one Sunday morning and I could  not believe what I saw on my front porch. Was it the Publisher's Clearing House Prize Patrol with my winnings for a contest I never entered? .... No.. Resting on the top step was a Papilio diamondiferous,or more commonly known as a diamond jubilee butterfly. This sight was anything but common. This butterfly is not native to Long Island and certainly not in November. In fact, it has no business being in New York.

As an amateur entomologist, I am aware that the Papilio diamondiferous lives in the canopies of the tropical rainforests of Brazil. The only specimens I have ever seen were at the Washington Zoo and the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. I'm certain the Museum of Natural History in Manhattan has one on display too.

This butterfly has a wingspan of over 10 inches. It even dwarfs the giant polyphemus moth.The beautiful insect glistens and shines like polished white gold. It is more breathtaking than any diamond necklace or pendant you might ever see. Words can never adequately describe how gorgeous this butterfly is.

But before I could call my wife over to see this stunning insect, before I could even say, "Holy Mothra", it fluttered up over our rooftop and disappeared from sight in a few agonizing seconds. I still can't believe what I witnessed by my doorstep that morning. I never had such a thrill in the morning in years. Well, maybe I had a thrill of a different nature on some other mornings,to be quite honest. Oh ,one more thing There is  no such insect as a diamond jubilee butterfly, but I have seen a silverfish in my bath tub.!!!

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butterflies are beautiful

You should see some of the beautiful LARGE butterflies who live in our jungles.  Every once in a while, one of them will flit into our house and perch on the furniture.  They become confused and don't know where they are.  Eventually, they find their way out and are gone on the wind.

l Scott do you ever get time enough to snap a photo

Odd, Julia, but it never occurs to me to photograph them.

my small camera is always with me 

except for in the shower, who knows

I might want to snap a bar of soap




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