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When you keep crazy hours like I  do, going to bed at 2 am

and getting up at 9 am, you miss some of the best things.

I finally had my "breakfast at 3:30 pm and I ate the whole plate of food!

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strong, hot coffee or espresso I love and black only

I grew  up in the Syrian / Lebanese part of Toledo

over where Jamie Farr and Danny Thomas came from,

in the 50's loving all of their ethnic  foods ( especially the lamb)

Musik, I use only premium grade Costa Rican coffee and brew it very carefully.  I clean my coffee maker (internally) every month with white vinegar because our water is so hard.

Music, for me, I buy decent Costa Rican coffee everywhere.  Your best bet would to try Starbuck's but watch out 'cuz they will take you apart on the price.  The best brand (and there are several) is Cafe Britt.

Craig, retirement does have it's benefits

but since I retired I am busy almost everyday doing or going

but sometimes I just say this is my day  to do what I want to do or not do 

Craig, retirement is great but often I feel that I have too much time on my hands.  I end up dragging Julie to Panama at the border because I am bored and HAVE to escape this computer.

ketchup and vinegar would have an acid effect on the eggs I would think

Julia, vinegar or tomatoes will curdle scrambled eggs and ruin them.  Ketchup has no bad effects on them.

Incidentally, call me "Scott".......I haven't used Larry in over 40 years.


ok I will try so hard to say Scott

I just have L. Scott in bedded in my brain...lol

thanks for cluing me in on the ketchup

I rarely eat it , perhaps 2 times a year


your friend is right about that horseradish

I refuse to eat a persons potato salad 

heavily laden with mustard!

Musik, your friend is quite right about horseradish.  I use it nearly every time unless I'm in the mood for Dijon mustard.  I haven't been able to find good Jewish mustard.


I have been up in the mountains in a tent

waking up early to fish and eating that rainbow trout

and let me tell you it is the best breakfast ever

Luvy, have you ever tried an Elvis sandwich?  It's peanut butter and banana and it's really good.




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