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When you keep crazy hours like I  do, going to bed at 2 am

and getting up at 9 am, you miss some of the best things.

I finally had my "breakfast at 3:30 pm and I ate the whole plate of food!

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mmmm I love collard greens too  but not the tough ones

Ma used to do that too

A Pho Hah Breakfast before Ping Pong ...

I had Pho last week

we call it the get well soup

Yes, I like Pho...... Asian penicillin.

I don't eat breakfast.  That is a rare thing unless it's continental.  My thing is strong, hot coffee or espresso.  The occasional grilled sweet roll is quite good too.

Larry you are right it is like  Asian penicillin, we call it the get well soup

I think the Vietnamese use oxtail broth, almost to the boiling point poured over the noodles and fresh basil leaves ...I once bit into one of those tiny red peppers and it felt like steam blowing out my ears 

Try to avoid those little red chiles.  I don't know their Scoville rating but I do know that they are WAY hotter than Jalapenos.  We are a chile eating culture but are not ignorant about how to use them.  Forget about Latinos developing some kind of immunity to  them.  It just isn't so.  We develop a tolerance to them.  There are hundreds of kinds of chiles and one must learn (and remember) how to deal with each type you use.

I NEVER ate chiles when In lived in the United States.  Not even Tabasco or Chilero.  Here they are a staple (whole or processed) in my house.  A few drops of Tabasco on a fried egg or scrambled eggs is a passion of mine.  Incidentally, a teaspoon of white sugar swirled in the mouth will stop that burning pain immediately.

MrMusik, hot sauce like tangy horseradish

has always gotten a bad rep but they both can hep up food so well

I I can get it I'll always use salsa on fried or scrambled eggs.


Salsa, especially home made,  is great on eggs and a whole lot of other things

Larry, I love Louisiana hot sauce on my eggs and grits 

thanks for the tip on sugar I did not know that...I always said a bite or two of plain bread worked but the sugar sounds like a better way to take the bite of the pepper away faster

A truly good salsa (Chilero) must be chunky and thick.  Stagger three tortillas on an oval plate, top them with two fried eggs, drown that in salsa and put some grated cheddar cheese on top.....Huevos a la Ranchera.  This is a most exciting breakfast.  I always add chopped Jalapenos.




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