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Write something about this painting by Norman Rockwell

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Vacation's over and I need the rest.


That was pretty short and sweet but to the point.

luvy1950 you did a marvellous job - you win the prize I'm sure!! Well done, I love it!

Oh my goodness, my goodness, I just LOVED your story Luvy

I read your story  then I read it again  out loud and

I heard those people snickering  at Pa

wearing that pretty flower hat  

then I saw the great lesson he gave to his son...bravo for a wonderful story 

You guys are good :0)

very amusing Luvy!!!

For years and years                  
we saved our cash                    
to travel far across this land       
then off we went                     
to have some fun                     
with our small child close at hand   
at the station                       
we now arrived                       
with all our luggage packed so tight 
but we arrived                        
one day too soon                     
so on this bench we spent the night 

Probably not what you were expecting but I can't write stories that are not poems :-)

That's great lol ... :0)


I liked your poem very much , it was very good and to the point...and it was too writing 

poems, stories even a chapter of a story , anything to share is great

when I look at a photo I pretty much always come up with a story or poem

Thank you for the compliment. I do think Luvy takes the prize though. I could actually visualize everything she wrote in great detail as I was reading it.

yes I think you are right about Luvy taking the prize

you certainly could visualize the family in detail

and I felt like I was right there seeing everything  going on




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