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If you died today and was giving a chance to comeback and live another life . Would You ?

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I felt i had a good life . I never wanted much . Great as a child growing up . Good parents but they sacrificed for me and my brother to have what we needed . Shyness abound around me from opening up to find better jobs , love and decent happiness . Getting the chance to raise my girls was so rich in providing for them . Then the day came that i got hurt and put me out of being able to work . Since that day on February 5 2005 my life changed . It ended most every thing i enjoyed doing , Kids abandoned me for the most part . Never know why . Now a day i just exist and do the best i can do . To live a new life . Just don't know . It sure would have to be different for sure to live again ...

I have had a "good life" parts of my life.  I do feel fortunate about lots of aspects of it..other aspects not so much. I won the battle over several severe illnesses, have a good job, money in the bank and so forth.  On the other hand I have a daughter with a progressive illness, I  am tired and stressed with work, I have no social life and my back hurts about 80 percent of the time. But all in all I'll make it.

I think after all the things that have happened to me, if my kids were happy, I could be happy.  My daughter also has an auto-immune disease, chronic pain, anxiety issues, etc.  My son is in love, moving forward that way, but he is unemployed. (Not to mention my husband getting worse month after month.)

My kids are recovering addicts, so I'm happy with the progress, but more than anything, I want them to fly away and just come back to visit.  Daughter lives with me; son lives with his Dad but is planning on moving in with girl who doesn't know he is out of work.

As father Coppola said to me years ago--Happiness comes in little snatches.  Don't miss them when they appear.

I ain't had a little snatch in a long long time .....

Boy isn't that the truth.  My daughter has very much like what yours does. She is in and out of the hospital almost monthly.  She is trying to get disability but so far hasn't. At least now she has medical.

LOL...what does that even mean? "a really really good life."
I sure don't have a blueprint..I have some ideas that work for me..but I think it's different, it's relative.
I do think I have a sense or maybe an internal standard that I use to validate my actions and ideas...I also think if I look outside myself for that validation, it doesn't work for me. We all come from different backgrounds to pull from to create the life we have..and it is what it is..we have some influence.
I think there are some who never develop that internal thing..I dunno.
We're all Bozos on this bus.....

I try to look around me and sooo many people have it bad. I have a nice roof over my head, am fairly healthy (now) and food on the table. Hell I even have food in the barn for the horses.  Sometimes I almost feel guilty but people do choose their own paths (to the most degree) and you usually reap what you sow.

I'm not complaining of my life, I just don't think I want to do it again, like callie said 'it's exhausting"  I'm healthy, no meds ever.  My kids have all done well..... so far.  I have a great husband, never had to worry about money.   Maybe this is a been there done that moment.

I love that song!

I wasn't going to get involved in this....but what the heck! I haven't ever gotten anything or anywhere in this world the easy way. Nothing ever came without struggle.....and it continues to this day. I am not complaining; I am stronger because of it. My mother led a sheltered life; she couldn't have survived some of what I have dealt with. She was a "June Cleaver" mom. She took care of the house and us....and Daddy did everything else. She knew nothing of finances, banking, and insurance, and never worked outside the home. If she had been left to work two jobs and raise four kids, she would have collapsed....literally. She was what used to be referred to as, "high-strung". She was like a helium-filled balloon, and Daddy was what kept her from floating away. Some men seem to gravitate to helpless little women who need them to take care of them. I was never given that option. Even when married, I had husbands who were gone most of the time....leaving me to handle most things....good and bad....by myself. So I look back now and sometimes feel a tad wistful about how very different I found being a grown-up to be....compared to what I'd dreamed about when I was a little girl. There was no "happy ever after". Not even close. But, all things considered, I can't complain. I got four marvelous kids....five beautiful granddaughters, and five adorable great grandkids out of the deal. They have been the jewels in my crown. Even if I'd stayed married....I probably would have gone out alone, anyway; I have out-lived my first two husbands, and the last one is a cancer survivor who still smokes like a chimney. Such is my fate. My son has been very good to me, and I want for very little. So, all in all, I guess it's been a decent life. But I'm not sure I'd want to go back and do it the same way. I know I'd never get married in my other life; knowing what I know now, I would never again hand my financial security over to another person. All three times, it was disastrous.

I look at folks who have truly awful lives - Sudanese refugees, kids in the Congo, the "untouchable" castes in India, and I think, "How DARE I think that I deserve a "better" life, another chance at the ring". I live like Croesus compared to those people, and I detest when I take that for granted.

Are you asking if we want to come back to a BETTER life or just life in general.

I wouldn't mind another adventure.

I tend to believe in reincarnation--maybe. The soul has lots of electrical energy.  It needs more than a few years to burn out.

Howdo you recharge the electrical part of the soul ? My cousin has lived a sheltered life from bills and such . He never learned writing a check . His wife does every thing . When his wife dies he surely will be lost . He doesn't have a clue what his lightbill hpuse payment is . They have a good marriage and been married over 40 years . He never finished school .




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