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...steal candy from a baby? Or eat the last of something even if you knew someone else wanted it?  Have you ever?

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i always like the people who will leave just a little in the container so they don't have to wash it or dispose of it...that explains the three spoonfuls of stew in the tupperware or the three swallows of juice in the gallon container....

Whats left over in ta bottles is considered spit ....

That thing about leaving a little in the bottom of the bottle/box.....that seems to be a problem everywhere. When I worked in restaurants....I was constantly going into the cooler for ....say....more coleslaw.....only to find there wasn't enough left in that 3-gal container to make 3 servings! That was just plain laziness....because if the line cook uses the last of the container, he has to rinse it out and put it in the dishwasher. And if it happens at night....he's expected to make up a new batch for the day shift. God forbid!!

I don't think so, I'm not much of a sweet eater but I do have the broken cookie syndrome, making sure everyone else has the best of the treat...just leave the old broken piece for me. 

The odd thing is with my husband he loves chocolate and I don't care much for it so he always has it for himself, I love watermelon and other fruits for snacks and he leaves those for me, he likes them but not enough to care. It works.




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