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...that would make you fall wildly in love with someone? Would you slip someone a pill to make him/her fall madly in love with you?

I saw this on another site and thought it was an interesting question.  It seems that the answer could easily be a passionate yes in certain circumstances or an emphatic NO in others.  What do you think?

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maybe...maybe not

That's what I like about you, Tim......you're so definitive! 

If I really was crazy about someone, I might be tempted.....but then I'd have to live with the fact that he wasn't with me because he wanted to.....but because he was impelled to. I don't think I'd like that.

yeah you would karin .. just think of all the money you'd save cause you wouldn't have to buy any rope to tie em down .. that shit gets expensive .. especially if you buy it by the mile .. 

Not for me even if she begged me ...

Would you want someone to be crazy in love with you?  I think that would be a big responsibility.

And I've been crazy "in love" and it's a lot better to be in love or to love than to be crazy 'In love."  I was an adult, between marriages, and I did some crazy things when I was that way; but, looking back on it, I probably was crazy in lust because I did get over the guy when I was ready to.

it's fun and thrilling to be crazy in love but you can't live there. but it did remind me of this...

i think the whole concept of love itself is crazy .. otherwise why would we bother to do it ?? but if you're gonna be in love ? and maybe i'm just a touch crazy for sayin this ?? or maybe i'm just too damm old to continue livin like that but .. if i'm gonna be in love .. then i want the crazy kind .. nothin makes you feel more alive .. of course there are pitfalls , such as the other person isn't crazy in love with you back and that can be heartbreakin .. but if they are ?? eeeeeeeeeeeee.. what a ride .. and yeah i know that at some point you do have to come back down to earth .. but if you were crazy in love once with that person and you're still together , every now and then you'll still get some of them sparks . maybe not an outright bonfire like before , and at 60 years old thats probably a good thing , ( you have to be a bit younger and a lot more limber to get in and outta one of them sex swings ) but every now and then you can still get a flame big enough to roast some marshmellows ..who could ask for more ??   

Getting out of a sex swing? Hell getting out of a hammock is a bitch now. ha ha.

i like being crazy in love but it can be exhausting....especially if it turns out the other person is just crazy to begin with, love or no love....protect yourself...it's for the sake of the bunnies....

I'm with you, French.  I have been crazy in love more than once, and I enjoyed every wacky minute of it.  You're right; nothing makes you feel so alive.

I need the real thing too ,,, that is the resposibility of both side 




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