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What's been the BEST thing for you about growing older.

We all know the worst things, lol, but getting to this age has helped me in so many ways. Wayne said he doesn't need speed anymore.  I don't need drama anymore.  I was the drama queen--thought I was dead if my blood wasn't running wild.  I still like the occasional surge, still like to be in the thick of things, but I also enjoy feeling peace and comfort.

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I am 65,,, retired since 8 years ,,, love travel see new places & meet friends all around the Globe ,,, no stress ,, just feel more relax ,,,, & enjoy my sexual life too much ,,,,


I am not sure why my links to videos won't work, I click on the little film icon and paste the link address but for some reason it doesn't show up as a video, just the address.  Oh well, I hope the address works and sends you to the Youtube video of Sara Bereillis' new song Brave.  Anyway I love Sara Bareillis and her new song is terrific.  To me it relates to this post...bravery does come with age.  Although I like her message, no need to wail till you get older either.  LOL  

Maybe this is the problem: You have to get the embed code and paste that.  When you hit share on You tube, it gives you the link.  Look a bit harder to get the embed. 

Thanks Crest, that is exactly where I got the link by hitting share in Youtube and copied the embedded code.  I will keep trying. 

Ta Da!!!!! Thanks Crest, I took your advice and looked harder.  LOL

Seek and ye shall find, Little Grasshopper!

Love that Video , uplifting makes ya want to move ....

Get embled Code . In the message area click oh HTML . Post code there .




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