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You know, the ones in the box.  I bought a 3 pack of them (diamond brand) got home and you can't strike them on anything but the box.  WTH???? Next time I went to the store I looked and they don't have the ones  that strike anywhere.  Did they stop making them?

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We used to have a red match box on the wall . Always kept matches in it . Can't remember last time I bought any . I imagine some of the old hardware stores sell them .

Well thank heavens.  I did have to laugh (kinda) when I saw the "green" tip on them.

OK, now I'm on a mission.  Any store I go in I'm going to see if they have them. If I end up having to order them I'm not going to be happy.

It's going to be more fun trying to find them.  In this nanny state you probably can't get them.

I think you may have to take a special "Strike Anywhere Match" certification course in order to possess them.  :-)  What exactly are you doing with these matches?

The first link I posted were the small matches . This link is for the large matches . They also have a match box on page also .


Thanks Wayne, how are you doing?

Well I with help stood up today . Had no pain standing alone . Thirty three months have passed since I stood . With more practice I should be able to stand with out help . Probably be in this Facility couple more months at least or more . Medicare is to pay what Medicare doesn't pay . So no cost to me . Turned my cable and internet off at home . Just paying my rent to keep my home and a small power bill . Till I know better . What my disability pays me I am saving 900 a month to my saving account . That part I like ...

That is great news!!! Keep up the good work and pretty soon you will be out and about again.

You can still buy matches that are in a box

and strike on box at WalMart

in the camping section. 

Great for using at the fireplace.




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