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sad to see it go .. i'm not sure what the problems were so no judgein here .. wish there was somethin we coulda done to help quinn out but .. this place is nice .. at least she gave us plenty of time to make arrangements on where to go before the ship went down ..

they say the opera ain't over till the fat lady sings .. so .. i couldn't find any fat ladies i really liked to hear sing but i heard this guy .. some nobody who was britans got talent and who from the look of things at first didn't have a ghost of a chance . and then he sang ..and it was opera no less .. this little lumpy guy sang his heart out and damm near made the girl in the middle have an orgasm .. and simon who can be one of the nastiest bastards ever was completely bowled over too .. as well as everyone in the audience .. he completely won over the entire place .. so to bid farewell to thinkbedo .. heres the opera song .. but its done by a little fat guy .. and its the best sendoff i could give em ..


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Good choice frenchy....This guy could be a star.

He has an amazing voice!  Thanks for sharing this, Frenchy.

So, the icon on my toolbar that says "TBD," won't take me here, right?  It'll take me to the site that just closed?  Before I delete that icon, thought I'd ask.

yup yuneeda new icon for thisa place deb.. thatsa whata you gotta do ..  

Hey Franchy, great clip, guy has a great voice, he is a bit lumpy but not sure I would call him fat.  But still clever way to make a point.  And ya know what it doesn't matter whether it is a man or a woman, it ain't over till it's over.  Can someone tell me why the other TBD site shut down?  I could never find any info on the whys and wherefores. 

PS thanks for the invite Frenchy!

yaknow t i'm not sure.. that kinda info was above my pay grade and they never consulted me .. could i have done somethin if they had ? maybe not .. but i might have tried to rally the troops together if i thought the cause was good enough .. its kinda like eons .. they never asked us for our help either.. but there was a big wave of people who said i'll never pay for a site like this which just makes em think if they did ask it would be a waste of time .. of course a lot of it has to do with how much they asked for .. we all know how much we might pay to keep a site like eons or thinkbedo goin .. some might pay 20 bucks a year and some more .. and some none at all . who knows if this site goes down maybe i'll try to see what ning says and we'll see how many would would wanna pay a share to keep it up .. i think these kinda places are great for just exchangin ideas and we all know that you can form friendships .. some of us go back 4 and 5 years .. you don't wanna let that go .. 

French, you are right; they could have asked us, at least, what we were or were not willing to pay to keep the site afloat. I certainly would've been willing to pay a reasonable fee to keep my ties wit people I had grown to know and like. We do, I agree, have a need for a place like this. If this site runs into trouble, maybe exploring starting our own would be in order.

Quinn says it wasn't about the money, she didn't have the time anymore or patience to deal with the ugly stuff and mean spirited PM's she was getting, she also said there were still many complainers from eons that got her down.

That's really a shame, because we Eons refugees should've been kinder to our hosts. They made room for us; the least we could do was be nice. I took a while to get used to the format, but I had no reason to complain. There were things I really liked about it.....like the chat room and the Forum. I fail to understand mean- spirited people who send nasty notes and complain all the time. I guess I can understand Quinn's position.

i never whined .. i was just glad to be someplace .. 

i totally agree with you kathy .. when eons went down i refered to thinkbedo as our lifeboat and the sayin seemed to catch on .. mostly because it was true.. and i saw the same thing .. a lot of unhappy people who felt entitled somehow .. and that kinda pissed me off .. anyone here who knows me knows that i don't look for an argument .. i have my own opinions and i'l respect someone else's even if its different than mine .. i always thought everyone should have the right to express what they feel .. but there;s no need to step on someone else's  neck to do it .. i remember when we first joined thinkbedo there was a blonde ( attractive one too if her pic was really her ) who called you an ass kisser because you were happy to have a place to go when eons folded .. so i said somethin to her to set her straight and told her hey how is she wrong ?? don't be so quick to call names .. she never responded tho cause if she had then i would have given her both barrels and told her how ungrateful she really was .. but i did see some of that .. thankfully it was not in any of the groups i was in .. but i know it was out there.. and that kinda attitude always perplexed me .. i think the hardest thing to do is to find a way to balance your right to free speech without it upsettin someone else .. we all have our own set of morals and who's really right ? which is why i said you're free to exchange  your ideas here just try not to make it a contact sport .. it seems some people really get off on tackle politics .. and i'd rather try to discuss how we can fix somethin rather than call someone else an idiot .i'd like to think that we can be free thinkers without comdemnation of someone else's thoughts .. why can't we all just get along ..   

I didn't whine either but apparently the whiners really were disruptive and it's a real shame.  I liked the site, I like THIS site, I would have no issue with paying an annual fee to keep it going but I think that whoever has to deal with the whining and complaining has to be a saint, that sure would not be me.




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