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A 2001 Sea foam green Jaguar. It is cherry!! I'll show pictures when I get it home.  I'm having a couple of things looked over.  I'm in hog heaven.

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Chief this car is amazing, I had one back in the 80's but this one beats the heck out of that one.

Love those Jaguars, and I happen to know someone with one that is also seafoam. Congratulations and good luck with it.

Thanks!  I've never seen one this color.

That is my dream machine, a Jaguar, mm mm mm.  Looking forward to seeing the pictures.

I also love jaguars.

If you can get in and out of that car without pain then your back must be much better. What keeps me from a sports car is they are now too low for me to be comfortable entering and exiting.

I don't want to appear shallow...but I'm just now finding myself attracted to you...post the car pictures soon.

man lookin for a woman who has a jaguar for a serious relationship .. please send picture of the jaguar .. try that uno .. that might work .. thats not shallow at all.. 

Don't think I have even been in close proximity to a Jaguar (we're talking car here right?).

Which kind of cougar?  Never have been attracted to younger me myself.  (of course my odds are getting slimmer in the man department)

I did see this book at a library book sale today, didn't buy it though.

Evidently I am too dumb to get the picture anywhere but in my profile page but here it is...




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