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Oh no, that would be the last time I used that bathroom, I would have fainted.

Hey, the poor guy already lives in a toilet. You should feel sorry for him. And just think, it is there because it is eating something else, and considering its size, doing a good job.

About as bad as a mouse fell in my comode . I didn't know it was in there till i sit down and he tried crawling up my Bag . He went down the tolet . I went somewhere and when i got back he had crawled back up the pipe through all that crap and was still alive . He went back down and didn't ever come back .

YEOOOOOOWWW ......  thats a big fucken spider . eeeeeeeeeeeeee............ 

i always heard you can get bugs from toilets but i didn't know they were spiders.....("oh geez merle, i think i caught me a case of spiders")

is that a fancy name for a case of crabs?

as in..."I had a case of arachnophobia so bad, i had to buy bigger pants "

I'm gonna start lifting every lid and look before I sit down....




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