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Body Confidence Survey Reveals The Surprising Age You Like The Way You Look

Posted: 07/11/2014 12:11 pm EDT Updated: 07/11/2014 12:59 pm EDT
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Turns out, getting older isn't all about hiding your grays and removing wrinkles. No, old age is actually a time when your body confidence will thrive according to a new survey.

A poll of 80,000 American adults of all ages by polling giant, Gallup, reveals that we feel most satisfied with our bodies after 65. Yes, you read that correctly. Not at 18, or 25, or even 40.

Gallup asked people to rate their feelings about this simple statement. "You always feel good about your physical appearance." Two-thirds of Americans 65 and over agreed -- the highest of any age group surveyed. Of everyone surveyed, 58 percent agreed. Body confidence was also high in the 18-34 group, with 61 percent saying they always feel good about their looks, but dropped down to 54 percent in the middle-age years, before peaking again in the retirement years.

Other surveys have tried to pinpoint the age where we feel sexiest. A British survey from 2012 claimed that 28 is the magic age. Another small survey said 34 is actually when women are happiest with their bodies.

In the Gallup poll, sadly, women across the board were less likely than men to be satisfied with their looks at every age -- that is until their mid 80s. But the encouraging thing is, the gap in body satisfaction between men and women seems to narrow sharply at 50 and beyond.

So why are we happier with our wrinkles and grays than with our taut, tanned, 20-something bodies?

"As people age, perhaps a different set of societal expectations and appearance standards leads to a renewed sense of confidence," writes Gallup's Justin McCarthy. "Older Americans' looks are generally out of sync with the youthful standard of beauty that prevails in American culture, and yet they are most happy with what they see in the mirror."

Just another reason to look forward to retirement.

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Sure!  We are happy that we can still see ourselves in the mirror!  Funny because I just posted this on Facebook:  Just heard Sandra Singh Loh talking about post menopausal women. She said we have returned to our pre-hormonal normalcy, before we had the "compulsive urge to make sandwiches for people perfectly capable of making them for themselves." etc. etc. etc. She mentioned all the things women take on themselves thinking they are DUTY just because we are female. She said with the "change," we returned to the real people we were at 12 years old where we felt capable of doing anything the boys could do, etc. etc. Interesting way to look at it, and very liberating.

There is a certain peace with oneself that comes with aging. We are finally comfortable in our skins. Too bad it takes so long to get here.  No, not long--the wink of an eye...

well just speakin from a guys point of view cresty but i was always comfortable in a womans skin .. i know ..i know ..  bad frenchy .. go to your room ..  

and we know who we are and who we aren't....

and have a few guidelines we can follow...or not....

Always cut that banana up before eating , less embarrassing ...

Alli see when looking in a mirror is a worn out old fatman .  People can really brin ya down when they stare . I am what I am  . If I am naked it doesn't bother me like it used to unless it is someone I don't know . Only time I wear clothes is wheni go to see doctor . Just don't matter either way anymmore . Refreshing for me , naw just neutral ...

Different time different place would make all the difference in the world ....Me thinks !

Great post I think .....

I just hang around with a group of people my age anytime I want to look slimmer.

I just put on high heels to be slimmer so that my height better matches my weight according to those height/weight charts. It works like a charm. The higher the heels, the slimmer I get.

She seems nice.

she was nice uno .. 




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