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Do you feel uneasy around law officials , like police , sheriff officers highway patrol wheather you did something or not ?

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I have never been in trouble with the law, but I do not like cops.  They  are bullies and will lie to get what they want.  I remember in 4th grade walking home from school and a cop stopped me asked me all sorts of questions, where I was going, my address, why didn't I take the bus.  Do I get in trouble at school,  how do I like wearing a uniform (catholic schools) he finally drove away and I was crying, went home and told my dad and he went down to the police station and threw a huge fit.  The jerk cop had to call me and apologize and it was a pathetic.  I misunderstood him, he was worried about my welfare blah , blah, blah.

My oldest daughter wanted her "Change of Life Car" to be a Monte Carlo.....black, with tinted windows.  It had to be one of just a couple of years' models.  She finally got it.....tinted the windows, bought it a bra, bought new seatcovers and floormats.......and now she says she's afraid to drive it because it's a "Cop Magnet".  Do you think certain cars attract their attention? 

I want a "Bumble Bee".....the yellow and black Camaro from "Transformers". 

thats why i was drivin a dodge caravan for the last 25 years .. there's so many of em on the road and they aint known for bein speed demons .. so if i ever got stopped my favorite line was me speedin ?? are you kiddin me ?? i'm drivin a dodge caravan for cryin out loud .. aren't there like a about 50 million other cars on the road that could blow my doors off anytime they wanted and you're chasin after me ?? what is it a slow day or somethin ?? i mean really slow .. i remember them volksenhagen wagons or the bus .. you wanna get stopped get one of them .. with a bumper sticker that says honk if you're high .. and peace signs and dayglow paint all over it .. might as well get a neon sign that says get me .. i never had one of them tho .. had a few friends that did tho .. and never liked ridin in em .. specially if they were dumb enough to light up while we're ridin around .. its not like i could say hey i don't know these shitheads they just picked me up hitchhikin or somethin ..

It's a fact that bright red cars get more speeding tickets than any other color. I know that doesn't exactly prove anything - Statistically, SOMETHING was going to get the top number of tickets, and claiming that it was because the car was red is difficult to prove; But the makes and models of cars that are otherwise rarely ticketed - "Old Lady" cars like Oldsmobile and Buick sedans, and little putt-putt/crap cars like Yugos or Renaults, goes up when they're red.

Does everybody in a red car drive too fast, thereby causing more tickets ? That doesn't seem very likely....

a combination of things....perhaps people who pick red cars are younger or more exuberant and might have a heavier foot. combine that with the fact that red cars stand out more so any infraction is more readily noticed, kinda like the redheaded child. they may not misbehave more but they get caught more

I once had a cop pull me over and lecture me for going too fast - On my BICYCLE. I wasn't an Olympian or anything, and I'd noticed me tailing me and checked my speed - my bike's computer said I never got above 24 mph, and the cop admitted that I hadn't broken the speed limit - But he was just "concerned "  (MY read: He was too fat and out of shape to ever go that fast on HIS bike, assuming he had one, and this annoyed him), and warned me to "just watch it, buddy".

while i respect the vast majority of those who wear a badge and they deserve it, there are way too many instances of those hiring the officers seeming to pick from the pool of those who played football without a helmet for their 5 or 6 years of high school. i went on a ridealong one night with a deputy sheriff...scared the shit out of me. picture a pitch dark night and it's heavily raining. and we're driving narrow wet blacktop roads doing 50 in populated areas and 80 on the two lane farm to market roads while this clown types on his laptop...if there had been a hog or a deer he never would have even seen it before he flipped the car. never never again!

there are stats to back that up, chief...if you want to rack up the tickets, get a red car, slightly less a yellow car..and the model makes a difference of course...used to be the safest car to be driving was a nice medium blue buick fourdoor, the kind that looks like it is parked at church before the early bird buffet at the golden corral

I used to have a bright yellow 1967 Firebird 400ci 4 speed . Was built with crane cam . Had Headers and was fast . I got looked at a lot . Got caught twice in one day . After i blew that engine i put a 350 Chevy engine in it .

In NC too dark of windows get a ticket . Cops think ya selling drugs ...

There's a limit to how dark you can tint the windows in Illinois, too, Wayne.  She made sure she went as dark as the law allows.....but she still worries about someone saying something.  She got stopped the other day for being on the cell phone (a definite no-no), but the cop asked her where she had come from and where she was going (I don't have a clue why).....and when he found out she came from the Amoco station at the last exit, and was married to the manager.....he said, "Lester?...I know him; he's a good guy!".....and he let her off with a warning.  I've been on her case about getting a Blue Tooth, but she's dragging her feet. 




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