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 Turning the clocks back has always sent me into the deepest pit of depression.  I could cry as I am typing here--feel it already.  Not looking forward to this weekend at all.


Does anyone else have a problem with the dark days that are descending upon us?

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it's cool   ; )

Thats happen to me many times . Wife told me once that when we got back to hotel she would give me a BJ and swallow . Got a bucket of chicken . Never did get that BJ ....

Hey, Crest, drunken sex WITH James Taylor would sound good to me. He doesn't even have to bring his guitar! ;-)

who's driving that gray '55?

So cute!  Now he wears corduroy pants and looks like a college professor--that's after going through heroin addiction.  His face now is just peaceful.


I'd do him.


Me, too!! 

I have that movie on VCR tape .

and the mechanic is dennis wilson of the beach boys.....geeez the time went fast

Sho did.  Wow!

and look who else is drivin a really fast car .. wonder what ever happened to that guy drivin the yellow car ..talk about time goin by ,, 




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