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 Turning the clocks back has always sent me into the deepest pit of depression.  I could cry as I am typing here--feel it already.  Not looking forward to this weekend at all.


Does anyone else have a problem with the dark days that are descending upon us?

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Yep, I will get up when it is dark and drive home when it is dark.  At least AI will go to bed on time...

dwalt......are you a vampire by any chance?

No, Crest, I don't seem to be affected by the change of time. It has never been an issue for me. I grew up in the north and I have always loved the changing of the seasons. It is weird, though, to leave for work in the dark and come home in the dark; that I'll agree with.


Flipper, maybe it's a Jersey thing.

maybe,cuz it depresses the hell outta me.

Ha, ha I've been called a lot of things but a vampire???  I don't care for drinking blood. I do see a lot of crazy drivers in the winter though.

i used to feel the exact same way cresty .. maybe even worse .. yeah probably worse.. so i understand what you're feelin all too well .. i feel your pain ..  but i cured that .. how you may ask ?? a glad you asked question .. i moved to florida .. and yeah we do have an earlier dark time too but if you look on the map you'll see that florida is actually closer to ohio than it is to jersey if i was to drive straight north so it still gets darker later down here by about 45 minutes to an hour .. sun up might be about the same tho .. but you're retired now so who shives a git about sun up anymore anyway ?? i remember when i managed a warehouse up in jersey i'd open up at 7am and it was still dark and i'd lockup at 4:30 to 7pm and it was dark .. i never drove to or from work without my headlights on from november till march .. now that bites .. 

it still bites frenchy,i do it every day,but I only drive 1.1 miles to the shop.

Gee, you lucky rascals.  I drive 50 miles one way...

i don;t even drive to work anymore .. my shop is right next door to my house .. on my property .. if i need anything from the store my girlfriend goes shoppin .. you know what they say .. a womans place is in the mall .. can't remember the last time i drove anywhere .. uhh wait .. i went to breakfast with her last week .. and i drove .. i don't think i put more than 500 miles on my van in the last year .. 

Maybe it 's the Gemini in me.....but I'd go nuts looking at the same scenery every day.  I have to have a break from the norm pretty regularly.....to go out and do something.....anything.....even if it's wrong ;-)  I need a change of scenery.  I need a break in the routine.  New people....new faces.  I bore really easily.  If I had my own car and more gas money.....I'd be on the go all the time.....just not anywhere between here and DC! 




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