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had a few thoughts that kinda mashed all together in my head the other day . i was watchin the news and saw that bluebell ice cream had ALL  their ice cream recalled and it made me wonder .. a lot of major brands also make products for store brands ( in the utmost secrecy of course ) and i wondered if bluebell did too .. then thought what a kicker it would be if you skipped the bluebell cause they made you nervous and bought the store brand and that too was also bluebell unbeknownst to you .. so one thing leads to another and i'm thinkin about walmarts great value mayonaise . i think its pretty good actually but then i like most mayonaise so thats not such a big deal but it got me to thinkin .. just who does make it for them ?? so i tried to find out and i ended up at this site by mother jones about this new stuff on the market called real mayo .. anybody here ever heard of it ?? its supposed to be takin the market by storm and scarin the shit outta helmans .. and the thing is its not really mayonaise .. its not made with eggs .. ya see oil and water won't mix .. but if you put eggs in there it makes em play nice together and mayonaise was born .. but this new stuff uses some kinda peas to achieve the same results .. and they're callin it real mayo .. which is makin helmans wanna sue because its not mayonaise .. they say they never called it mayonaise tho .. its mayo and there is no clear definition of what mayo is . so they have a mexican standoff at the moment.. me personally i think its just a play on words but helmans is gettin the shit kicked outta them cause they pretty much owned the mayonaise market for .. well forever ..and this real mayo stuff is flyin off the shelves.. 

so what do you guys think ? would you try a mayo made of peas and no eggs and dump helmans on their ass?? or are you brand loyal ??  and oh yeah , i still never figured out who makes the walmart great value mayonaise .. i know it ain't helmans cause its a lot creamier .. still tryin to get the 411 on that ..

read the link and see what you think .. i thought it was a good story cause we had a post about mayo awhile back and it was pretty much unnanamous that helmans was the one to get ..


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So I've been taking this speed reading course and I'm now able to comprehend the written word in mere seconds.

By the way.....

Just because you got blue balls that's no reason for hysteria Frenchy.

That's excellent, uno, huge paragraphs down to one line....

yeah i gotta watch that blue balls .. gets me all the time if i ain't careful uno .. 

and i have no idea what the real mayo stuff costs ..i've never even seen it .. just heard about it in that article i posted and figured i'd ask if anyone else has .. am i the only one who's outta the loop on this ??  i'm thinkin a lotta people are tryin it cause its new . or because they still believe that real eggs ain't good for you so they'd rather eat mashed up peas ..

far as the kraft mayo goes i dunno i thought that too chief but kraft is very white .. as if they almost put bleach in it or somethin .. the helmans is a little more yellow and the great value is even less white .. but its more creamy than either .. i was thinkin dukes or maybe sauers .. i think both of them are true southern brands too and so is walmart so that would make more sense . but if its just about the money then maybe not .. i'd really like to know tho just in case there is a recall on dukes or sauers .. 

I love (and miss) Blue Bell ice cream.  Can't get it up here though.  I am a name brand person mostly so I'll stick with helmans.

You bring up a really good point on the store brands, I guess they just pull what ever is "iffy" and keep their mouth shut as far as a recall goes.




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