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I see Frenchy included Space Ships in the Group description so instead of working I am posting this.  Today the FBI put out a link on Twitter to this old letter.  Must be a slow day in someone's office. Their "Vault" of now electronically availble files can be found at: http://vault.fbi.gov/    The link to the this UFO story is below the picture.


Guy Hottel memo, 1950



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I knew it was true .... Beam me up Scotty ....

well all i can say is if there were aliens from other worlds and they could  travel here they would have to be pretty far advanced .. a lot further advanced than we are .. unless a lot of that stuff they been tellin us about the nearest star bein 4 light years away is wrong .. and lets say they are just for the sake of good debate .. lets say the nearest star is only 1 light year away .. just one .. if it was that close how do we know there's any planets that could support life on them ?? or any planets at all ?? i mean we know it happened here because we have 9 planets in our little solar system .. 8 if you wanna demote pluto to an asteroid or not , but what if we're one of the only stars that has planets goin around it ?? what if the odds of actually havin planets is like 1 in a billion?? or 1 in a trillion ?? that might still leave a lot of stars that do have some kinda solar system .. but one close enough to us ?? and then what if even after they do have planets they're all uninhabitable .. and only one planet out of million could actually have all of just the right elements to support  any kind of life like we would know it .. or just say inteligent life ?? the odds start to really stack up unfavorably .. but lets go back to the easiest way they could get here .. lets say the nearest star is only 1 light year away and it has 2 planets with life .. that would mean that they would have to invent somethin that could travel at least the speed of light and be able to stop without hittin somethin cause one little rock at the speed of light ?? eeeeeeeeeeee.. it would go thru your spaceship like  a 357 magnum would go thru a piece of paper  .. i'd think the path from them to us would be littered with spaceships that hit somethin .. so as good as the speed of light sounds , it would be deadly if you could really do it .. and then there's the keepin everyone alive for that year while they were travelin .. ehhh.. i'm not sayin its impossible .. i'm just sayin the odds of anyone else out there bein able to do it are astronomical .. and then for them to actually find us and be interested enough that they'd wanna come that far?? even if it was only one light year away ?? i mean we ain't talkin about christopher columbus and the ocean blue here .. we're talkin about a vast vast vast empty space that needs to be bridged .. don't get me wrong i love all them space movies too but i just don't think our lifetimes are long enough to make a trip like that .. so if they were anything like us then they couldn't do it either .. now if they lived a couple of thousand years that might change things .. but i think your odds would be better hittin one of them 500 million powerball lotteries , 100 times in a row ..    

Plus if the nearest Star was a light year away we are really seeing it as it was a year ago. So it might be gone by now. A hell of a thing. You take off on a journey at the speed of light, arrive a year later, and you discover that they blew up 6 months ago. It takes 8 minutes every morning to confirm that our own Sun is still there.  Even the distances aside, Carl Sagan thought the odds of two similar civilzations from two different star systems evolving to roughly the same point at the same time were not very likely to put it charitably. Well, I have got to go. The mothership expects their evening report at precisely 18:30 Central Daylight Saving Time.

so true shadowman.. plus there's the moon factor to consider .. not much really ever said about it but its what causes the tides which has a big effect on our weather ..if we didn't have the wind and tides how would that effect life here ??  makes me wonder if there was a planet out there that had everything earth had but no moon would they still develop like we have ?? or could a moon develop life if it had everything the earth did and revolve around a bigger dead planet that revolved around a sun ?? and how would that effect the weather on the smaller moon ?? would we have more turbulent weather ?? too harsh for life as we know it ?? who knows ?? 

Wow you guys are on a negative thought process, when it's time for us to discover all the planets with intelligent life it will happen, we'll have the time thing figured out. I would expect there were some who really thought the earth was flat for a long time and look what happened. We discovered other places. I'm just thinking positively, I know I'll not see it but your grandkids might.

aww.. i'm not negative lifey .. honest i'm not .. i'm just realistic .. the universe is so big and vast and we are so far away from the nearest anything that at the rate of travel we would have to go it would take 10 lifetimes to get anywhere .. and thats goin at the speed of light .. and we can't live as long as 10 lifetimes or go at the speed of light .. sometimes you have to state the obvious .. 

Lifesighs, perhaps.  Right now all these issues are solved in science fiction novels and movies by wormholes, blackholes, stargates, some sort of matter transmitters, etc..  But when they start asking for human volunteers to test those devices and such in the real world, I probably will not be at the front of the line. And remember Lifesighs, when they come - - it might be just because they are hungry. ;-)

yeah i think it was stephen hawking who said if they come this far and are that advanced they might not wanna give us any respect .. not sure where i heard that .. maybe it was the movie signs with mel gibson when the little kid was tellin his dad , ( gibson ) that just cause they're here that don't mean they're gonna be friendly .. which of course they weren't .. most scifi movies portray the aliens as not so nice .. is that human nature or just somethin they do to get the tension and suspense raised to blood pressure raisin heights enough to sell a shitload of tickets ?? probably a little of both .. i know i did a post awhile back about a movie called promethius that had a similar theme .. but it was about a lot more than that .. the brief synopsys was that aliens were here before .. way before recorded history and they planted the life here .. and it goes deeper than that .. they don't come right out and say it but if you believe in god or evolution it will shake up your beliefs either way .. and it was done by the guys who did alien .. 

i mean think about it for just a second .. if we had come from some other world that was millions of years ahead of us and they planted us here to see how long it would take us to get even close to them , how long do you think it would take ?? to get to the point of discoverin how to make metal objects , the wheel , fire , the combustion engine , flight , computers , space travel even tho all we did was go to the moon and back so far .. our recorded history is about 6 thousand years .. but what about how long we might have been just stumblin around in the dark ?? how many years of that ?? i'm sure we could debate it for years and still not be absolutely correct .. close ?? maybe .. or we could all settle on a theory and it could be so so wrong .. 


NASA thinks warp-drive travel might be possible

well possible and actual are two different things .. but even if warp drive was possible it would still take 4.2 years to get to the nearest star and what if we miscalculate by just .2 ?? we either miss the solar system we aimed for .. or crash into it at light speed .. does the term lost in space come to mind ?? its not like we can stop at the nearest rand mcnally store and get a map if we are .. or just google it .. or use our garmin .. there won't be any gps .. and so many questions .. how many get to go .. how do we take enough food and water to last for 4.2 years ?? and what if there ain't no planet that can support life ?/ can we head back to earth ?? would we have enough fuel ?? food and water ?? it would be harder than tryin to row across the pacific in a rowboat with a snickers bar and a bottle of yoohoo .. 




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