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i get a newsletter from cnet and thought you guys might be interested in this .. windows is commin out with windows 10 this summer sometime .. there was a time when everybody had to have the newest operatin system or they felt like technology was passin them by but its finally dawnin on some that as long as it works why bother .. windows has stopped updatin its best sellin program ever xp awhile ago and yet its still in the number two spot . you'd think more people would have switched to vista at least because thats still gettin updates but nope .. vista is way down the list . 7 is the most popular at the moment .. 8 and 8.1 together still ain't close .. and microsoft ain't even gonna make a 9 .. skippin right over it to 10 .. why ? who knows ?? supposedly 10 is gonna go in the same direction as 8 which is to try and mashup a system that can work your phone or tablet as well as your desktop or laptop.. so far they haven't had that much luck with that .. i think they should just give up and make two systems that work kinda similar but are aimed at functionin better for the device you choose to use .. but they want in on the phone biz so bad they're blinded by the facts that phones and computers ain't the same .. i still have 7 and have no plans on updatin to anything else .. everytime i update i find out that anything else i have won't work with the new system and often times there is no patch to make it work or if there is one its never the same .. so you have to get a new scanner or printer.. eeeeeeeeeee... technology can be a good thing but sometimes i think its just a way to drive sales for new pariphrials .. and in the end you don't get performance thats any better , just a bunch of new software you need to learn cause nothin stays the same .. am i just a whiney old fart because i feel this way ?? or am i makin any sense here ?? anybody else feel the same way ?? 


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from what i read the windows 10 goes back to a start menu. it does have the tile part but it is a part of the start menu. 10 is so far rumored to be free for updating from licensed versions of 7, 8, and 8.1. microsoft seems to be moving further toward cloud computing and storage like all the different companies.  oh and xp is still in its top slot because of corporate use. most corporations kept xp running on their computers and machinery because 8 was not proven yet and the cost of upgrading (actually downgrading since 8 is kind of a pos) is very expensive when you start updating all the different uses. when you use an atm, that's xp. all the point of sale computers...all the different business uses run xp and they were not about to change to a faulty program

I have vista on my desktop. It is about 8 years old, and a laptop with 8.1 I bought last summer to replace an old vista laptop which I also still have but not used for several months. Like most I talk to, I am not pleased with the 8.1 but considering the history of microsoft, I do not expect them to get it even near right in my lifetime. The first thing I did with the windows 8.1 was uninstall some stuff I personally do not use, all the games related stuff, sample pictures, the sample (good for 60 days or whatever) mcafee antivirus, etc.




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