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i'm pretty much sick up and fed with directv and forgetaboutit when it comes to comcast .. and eeeeeeeeeeeeee.. when it comes to prism by centurylink .. that prism made me wanna commit murder .. of course thats illegal and believe me i checked .. they said i couldn't even kill em just a little bit .. bummer man .. so whaddya do ?? well i just got a roku.. it seems that televeision is takin a whole new turn .. at first the whole idea of it all just confused me .. i mean you're used to just turnin on the tv and lookin to see whats on .. and then makin a choice based on WHATS ON RIGHT NOW .. as opposed to what you might wanna see right now .. now don't get me wrong a tivo or dvr is a step in the right direction and was the first move toward where we're goin .. but the future is what do you wanna see right now .. go to your list of favorite channels and pick somethin and they stream it for you .. some channels are free some are not .. the free ones will probably come with some commercials but the price is right so how can you complain ?? if you get netflix you get it all commercial free and that includes regular tv programmin as far as i know .. i'm still figurein this out as i go .. just got it .. but i think i'm ready to take that step into the great beyond .. i think one of the things i need is a internet connection of at least 3mbps and thats what i have now .. but for a small phenominal fee i can bump it up to 7 to 10 which will take care of any of them circles of death you get when its bufferein cause you're internet connection is too slow .. so anybody else here do roku yet ?? any hints and tips you can give us ?? cause i think in a few years we'll all be doin it .. come on people talk to me .. 

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wish i could help you frenchy but i'm still watching analog tv with a converter and an aerial...simple and no bills...yay pbs...and don't forget dvds....i figure i'll get around to the rest when it's worth it to me..how's never sound?...but i do like to understand the techie stuff...

actually thats the beauty of this almond .. it don't really cost anything unless you get one of them pay sites.. most of the channels are free from what i can see so far.. all you need is a computer and this here roku box which i'll probably screw with tomorrow and get back to you about .. how hard can it be ?? famous last words right ??

i do knowa person who got some digital box about 6 inches by 10 inches for about 30 to 40 bucks on a sale and it catches the streamed content from the wireless router and then feeds it to the tv like it was coming off a vcr or a dvd...it also has usb ports so you can watch movies from a hard drive or a movie off a flash drive..kind of interesting unless you are paying your provider for the amount of material you are downloading...there was one internet provider that was charging a nickel a mb for everything over your 'limit' ( some movies can be nearly 8 gb (and the usage can rack up fast that way) so i would check and see what the provider details as your allowed usage....before we read about it in the paper...

I do not own a TV nor do I want to so I guess I will never use Roku

my music cd's are played in a fake old tyme radio my daughter gave me

where I can also listen to records and the radio if I desire

if I wish to look at a movie cd I use my computer...guess I am behind the times

I just like the simple things in life ...without annoying commercials 

i don't blame you julia .. i don't listen to the radio all that much for the same reason ..i hate to be at the disc jockeys mercy unless his taste in music is close to my own .. but i do like a good movie from time to time and if i can get it streamed online and then get it for free too ?? well thats a double bonus .. and a lot of the stuff thats available with a roku you can get on your computer too .. it just makes it more comfortable to watch it on your tv instead of the computer .. as i go along maybe i can tell you where to find some of the really cool channels so you can watch it on your computer if you like .. i like all kinds of stuff .. documentaries , indie films , concert films ..along with anything thats a good story .. you'd be surprised ..  

 documentaries,concert films and unknown film makers I do like

along with the old black and white classic films

I do not know what an indie film is?

i heard that most of the blue ray players have it but i didn't know that tv's do too .. but it makes sense .. i really think thats the wave of the future .. 

how do you do that mr.m ?? 

French....keep us posted on how this is working for you. My son is fed up with Dish tv, and is a techie, so he could hook us up to this if he could see the benefits.

I would probably like it as I don't watch tv now, too many stupid commercials. My problem is that I don't speak techie and get greatly confused with terms. I have a Kindle fire I can't figure out how to use, I have a blue ray player that I've not used yet and will have to find what I did with the instructions. I don't have any grand kids to teach me the language and my son lives 2500 miles away. I'm ready to get the fastest speed internet available to me but it means having a conversation with my current internet provider to get them cancelled and to stop hitting up my credit card every month. 

Life is so damned complicated.

fricking service desks...you can't live with them and you can't track them down and kill them...

We got roku a couple of years ago and use it all the time. The free shows are a bit behind the times but if you are looking for last season you can pull in the entire NCIS series from the first year. Plus tons of old movies. The newer movies take a while but will get there eventually. Amber uses it for cartoons without commercials and Barb like Pandora. A good investment.




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