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so .. anybody hear about this 9 year old that snuck on a plane headed for las vegas??

seems he's a bit of a handful .. the way i heard the story was he went to the airport the day before and did a dry run .. got a meal at the airport resturant and then skipped out .. came back the next day and snuck on the plane .. a couple of days before that he stole a truck and crashed it into a police car .. and it was a pretty big truck .. the cops were gonna shoot him till they realized he was only a kid so they let him off .. his dad is pleadin with the system to help him cause the kid is trouble and the dad says if i whoop him i'm gonna get in trouble for whoopin him and if i don't whoop him i'm gonna get in trouble for all the sh*t he's doin .. what the hell am i supposed to do ?? oh yeah his mom works at the airport so i'm sure he's been there before which would explain how he was so familiar with everything and got past all the check points .. if he does this again i wonder if his mom will still be workin there then ?? i got a feelin we ain't heard the last of this kid.. what he'll do next i'm not sure but authority don't seem to rattle him none ..   

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You know, people underestimate the power of a little kid's brain. They are capable of ANYTHING. THIS doesn't surprise me....I have 2 nephews who would have thought of this stuff at 3!! The ONE grew up to get a football scholarship and the jury is still out on the little one who is a 10 year old HELLION!!

I saw this also, was amazed that he was able to get past so much security. The only reason I could think that could happen was because the security people were used to seeing him around so ignored his presence. 

I have no idea how they are going to tether his behavior. No Fear there.

Ok, I'm going to get get bashed for this but I have to say he (for a 9 yr old) was pretty ingenious with his plan. Glad he isn't mine!!

are you kiddin .. i think he was goin to gamble and if he won later on to the chicken ranch .. 




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