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I have always had horses.  I just got back from looking at a car I want and the man selling it (he was 80 years old and looked 60) and I got to talking.  I mentioned I had horses and he replied "OH, you one of those kind of women".  Now I have heard this before but I'm not sure what it really means.  Any of ya'll know?

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i'm not sure .. i've heard it said that some women get sexually excited from ridin a horse from the stimulation it gives em in their nether region .. thats just a guess tho .. could be somethin else  .. i woulda asked him and let him explain it tho cause at this point only he knows for sure what the hell he was talkin about .. and who knows , if he's 80 he mighta forgot by now anyway .. could be one of them mysteries of life that we'll never find out .. 

Maybe women on bicycle get the same twitches on bumpy road . Or bound to leave a greasy spot or something !

I'm going back tomorrow (I really want the car) and maybe I will ask him. He was sharp as a tack and a pleasure to talk to.

Can't add to the horse woman conversation. Good luck with the car...what kinda car are you looking at?

I really never was in to bikes.  Like my Dad said.."I'm not going to work my legs t to death to give my butt a ride"

I looked at the Horse Women site on Facebook as research but I am still not sure but enjoyed the pictures.     https://www.facebook.com/Women.Riding.Horses?fref=ts

ok shadow i went to that horse women page too .. so now i gotta know .. which one of these women is you dwalt ?? horse woman 1? 

horse woman 2 ??

or horse woman 3? 

or this one ??

ok .. i just threw that last one in for fun cause she looked so damm good .. i think this one is pretty cool too tho.. 




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