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Lots of sex can make you look up to 7 years younger

15 hrs ago

Here's something that'll get you in the mood: Research has shown that having a healthy sex life can make you look five to seven years younger. According to Dr. David Weeks, former head of old age psychology at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital, UK, the endorphins released during sex have a number of health benefits and can reduce anxiety, aid in sleep, act as a natural painkiller, boost circulation to the heart and make the skin appear more elastic. All this adds up to a more youthful appearance for the physically amorous. Dr. Weeks found that those who looked younger than their age had sex three times a week on average, leaving little time to actually participate in the study. [Source]

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Three times a week? I remember Ray Romano's parents, Marie and Frank, saying they still had sex three times a week.  With the same person?  Over and over and over?  Maybe fifteen years ago, but not anymore.  But people are always telling me I  look a bit  younger than my years, so maybe it's residual from my glory days.

well , i don't look too bad for my age and i used to have plenty of sex .. way more than 3 times a week .. in a really bad week it might just be three or 4 .. but on a good day i'll do three times .. but them good days don't come as often as they used to .. and i have some days where i feel like i been run over by a truck and i never sleep like a baby .. never .. if i get 2 or 3 hours at a time thats good .. and thats usually after sex 2 or 3 times .. so the lookin better ?? maybe .. the feelin better ?? ehh .. i don't think so  .. but then again maybe i'm tired and feelin achy all over from too much sex ?? maybe i should cut back even more ?? but then .. i got women countin on me .. i wouldn't wanna disappoint one or two of em .. nahh .. nevermind ..  

That's what I like about you, French.....you are always thinking of others. ;-)

Does Masturbation count ?

I would think so, Wayne. The end result is the same. ;-)

if you think the end result is the same..then you're doing it all wrong. =)

I didn't say it was as much fun.....but an orgasm is an orgasm.....any way you can get it. I much prefer not to fly solo, but desperate times call for desperate measures. "These are the times that try men's souls." ;-)

And womens', lol.  It's a lot more efficient! Like 100% efficient! Or so they tell me.

Here is something to ponder:  A woman's orgasm has no function except pleasure.  A man's orgasm has a purpose:  reproduction.  Who got the better end of that deal?

I have heard that a pregnant woman's orgasm's release all kinds of good endorphins to the baby which helps in it's development so there is a function for you crest.

happy ending??

If true, maybe health insurance could cover the cost of a prostitute or "sex therapist" now and then.  Let's see, 7 years for lots of sex, plus 10 years for not smoking, 5 years for avoiding overexposure to sun, 10 years for proper diet, and wow, one could look like a 12 year old until the end.

Well medicare will pay for a Penis Pump i am told ...




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