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Well, had to have my studded  (love that word) snow tires put on today.  Alredy started snowing and supposed to do so till Sunday.  Oh the joys of winter!!!

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LOL, president Frenchy!  God.  I stopped driving and set down roots too soon and too far north.  It's only going to be in the low 70's today here in Jax Beach, and we get a lot of 50 degree weather in the winter, which means I pull out a winter coat, hat, scarf and gloves.  I acclimated to the south really, really fast after I moved to North Georgia for school back in 1984 -87.  Did another lick up in Milwaukee from 87-89, but came back in 89, and haven't  looked back since.  Guess I have more of my paternal side's genes than my maternal side - my dad's dad was born near Waycross Georgia and his family all fought for the Confederacy in "the war of Northern Aggression" or the late troubles, my mom's family hailed from Long Island, N.Y before heading out west to Chicago.  She LOVES the cold weather and hates anything much above 70.  I don't consider it worth going outside until it hits 70 ...

No snow for me anymore either, I was a great snow driver when I lived in Michigan, when I moved to Wyoming I found that the snow blows so you can't see anything. I hated those white outs, very scary.

Actually I lived in Maryville Tennessee when I learned to drive so learned in the Smokies running back and forth to Gatlinburg. Don't think I will ever forget the how....But understand the "don't wanna!" 

Kathy you are so right about the hills when it gets icy.  They close Mountain hwy (which I live off of) if it gets too bad so I'm stuck when that happens.  If it was flat, it would be ok, but it ain't!!

I escape Wisconsin every winter. Someday if you work hard and save your money (or marry well....but that's alot of work in it's own right)) you can retire and leave winter behind. Drive carefully!!

I would retire today if it wasn't for medical insurance.  And since I have "studs" on my car now I feel much safer.

That town in Minnesota I am from is built like San Francisco......straight up. My dad used to say in order to live in Duluth, you have to have one leg shorter than the other. Would I be comfortable on those hills? Maybe not; I never had to try. But, living in the Chicago/Northern Indiana area....I have been in my share of " white-outs". We have something they call "lake-effect snow"..... Huge, wet, blowing snow that defies headlights and windshield wipers. No one in his right mind enjoys that! But you know it never lasts long, and you just learn to deal. And I won't try to tell you with a straight face that, by the middle of February, I'm not OD'd on the stuff. It's just that me and heat don't get along. I abhor sweating; one should only be wet when swimming or in the shower. My long hair must always be tied up....which, on me, looks dorky. And I still can't warm to those bugs big enough to carry off your Volkswagon overnight. Oh...and you can keep those creepy little lizards, too. Your flowers are great, though. :-)

them creepy little lizards eat them bugs .. and i never saw them bugs carry off a volkswagon .. a yugo or two maybe tho.. 

Ok....a Yugo, then!  ;-)

Do the lizards really eat those bugs??  The bugs are as big as the lizards!! 

I agree about being hot.  I hate it.  I lived in Houston 47 years and although I love Texas, I hated the heat.

I abhor heat and humidity, cold I can take but not much anymore. I live in the perfect climate for me because it's chilly at night so I can have my comforter, warm and sunny most days of the year. No humidity. Ahhhh.

It's great that there are so many places and climates to choose from. Everyone gets what they like.




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