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Well three weeks age I had to go to Emergency room . Saturday I go to where I was panting for breath . I mean big time . Sunday. Morning I was better but still weak . Sunday night I was real weak . I called 911 . Seems I was beginning to gave congestive heart failure . They got me admitted . I was there four days . Got my breathing back in check . Said I had to go to a reabilation center . I signed the papers for a twenty day stay at Medicare graces of paying ta Bill . I found out I may be here for a long time or longer . Better watch what ya sign . Now I Am behind locked doors . I know it's for my
On good but I am pissed off and nor a happy camper . Taking one day at a time for sure . Laying here but naked for sure . Fringe bentifits of nice firm Breast rubbing against me is really nice and so young .

how was your day ?

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I've been worried about you.  I messaged you on Facebook.  Obviously, you need the TLC they can give you at the rehab. And maybe they will force your weight down so that you won't have things like congestive heart failure any more.  Look at it as a gift and a way to talk to actual real live people.

And still with the breasts!  You men!

I can't help the way they feel . It's like manna from heaven so to speak . I don't reach out and touch . They told me where and how to hold my hands when moving around . It isn't any thing sexual . Just nice .

well listen to what they're tellin you wayne .. in the end you're gonna be your own best dr. .. only you know how you really feel .. this could be what you needed to get everything back in line .. if they can get you movin again even if its really slow then its worth the effort and time .. just remember that rome wasn't built in a day .. and neither were you . so you can't rebuild yourself in a day either .. its a process .. and the longest journey begins with the first step .. so ask questions .. and pay attention .. and leave them knockers alone till you feel better ok .. 

I'm with Frenchy on this one.  Do what they say, who knows they might have you up and running in no time.  Wayne what ever you do just be good to yourself.  Life is short and not for the weak at heart, find something to smile about.  Oh, and why are you naked?

Because I have to use bedpan . It's so hard to hold that stuff in with clothes on . I keep blanket over me .

OK, just curious.  That makes sense.

I was told today that when Medicare quits paying that Medicaid will kick in and will pick up cost as long as iI need to be hear also cost after i go home fore my needs . They said my cost would be Zero .
This is where I am at !
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