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A post on Facebook made me think of this.  Remember being crazy in love?  Do you still have that feeling for someone? I mean crazy in love--and not with children or pets because we've all felt that at some point.

I don't think my daughter has ever felt it.  I wonder if life is safer that way.

Do you miss it? Would you want that feeling again? Was it worth it?

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Would love to feel that again . Cards just ain't right for that to ever happen in my lifetime . I still feel for my first love and always will .


I have been there.....4 times.....and, yes, I miss it. A lot. But I know my day in the sun is over, and I will never feel like that again. I wish that weren't the case, because I never have felt so alive as when I am head-over-heels-over-ass-end in love. That feeling of elation, anticipation, longing.....no drug can touch it.

Just can't forget that giddy feeling in ya groin when ya get excided for sure ....Thats when ta juices start flowing in prime communication between one another ......

I still have those joyful memories....the almost uncontrollable impulse to hump her leg,  giving her a bare bottom spanking, getting a bare bottom spanking from her, stealing a pair of dirty underwear from her laundry basket and wearing them around my house at night, wearing her heels, being a heel.

Man, I miss all of that...call me a romantic, but I still spend a lot of time wondering how something so good could have ended so badly. 

I almost took a job at Disneyworld,  just to help me forget, even that would have probably ended badly.

It was on news yesterday about Disney employees getting arrested ..... 

I've been lucky to have it a few times--know I will never have it again. Sigh...

I love my husband, but my heart surely doesn't skip a beat anymore when he walks in; however, I like spending time with him better than anyone else, so that must mean something.

Too bad we can't keep feeling it all over again until the day we die.

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee is right, lol.

Crest, I read somewhere in a book that....if we had to stay on that high all through our marriage, we couldn't handle it. Maybe so.....but it would have been fun to try it.

It's so freaking wonderful to have those stars in your eyes and all you can think about is him, you love everyone on earth and can't understand why anyone could be sad. Floating on air....I don't think I could keep that going for years but I'm so glad I did experience it more than once.

you're talkin the crazy loosen up your lugnuts kinda love right ?? 

I"ve never loosened up the lug nuts, per se,  but I have been THAT crazy, Frenchy.  Starry eyed love is nice, but I even miss the loosen up the lug nut kind, lol. Oh yeah!

Karin, I can understand that.  I felt so intensely about someone that I knew if we got together for any real length of time, we would burn each other out in no time at all.  Slow and steady is better for the long term, but, sigh....

Amen, Callie!! ------ Crest...I lived with a guy for a year between marriage #2 and #3. I knew it wouldn't last. I used to tell my friends that being with him was like trying to hitch a ride on a comet.......but that I was going to hold on tight and ride that tail of the comet until it burned out. I did. No regrets.




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