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Since we are all older than the young generation . How is Kissing when ya older compared to when first starting out ?

Does kissing still warm ta heart ?

Does it get you moving ?

Reason . It's been a hell of a long time since i had a kiss . So whats it like at this stage of life ?

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I absolutely love kissing.  I always give my husband kisses before he leaves for work, when he gets home and just random times thru the day.

The same if you care for a person.  It's exactly the same even if certain body parts don't respond as lushly as they once did,the heart still feels just the same.

Kissing.......let me see, now.....I used to remember what that was. Let me search back into my data banks and see if I can remember what that was like.....and then I'll have to find a willing test subject to find out if it's the same or different. ----- I'll have to get back to you.

There is nothing more memorable than the times a man has pulled me close and kissed me--nothing! Not even actual sex--oh, wait...maybe,...nah. Sometimes there was no time or place or justification for sex, but, oh, the kisses! Kissing might be my very favorite thing next to dancing and chicken cutlets. Well, kissing while dancing is pretty nice, too!

Only if the kissers take me in their arms!  None of this over the counter crap.

Actually.....the best kiss I ever got was the first one. The timing....the mood.....the lighting....and, yess, Crest....he came up behind me (I saw him in the mirror)..... Took my shoulders and turned me around......and wrapped me up in Heaven. It didn't lead to anything; as a matter of fact, he was getting ready to take me home. But it was just like in the movies, and it curled my toenails. --- That kiss has never been topped. Thank you, Roger......wherever you are! :-)

Ah, nice memory Karin. The best kiss I ever had came from a man I dated in between marriages, and I wasn't even in love with him. He was 6'4" tall and very burly.  He swept me toward him with one arm wrapped around my waist, bent me slightly backward, then bent down and pressed his lips on mine--sigh... 

He called me every year for my birthday for at least ten years after we stopped dating.

I'll see you folks later......I'm off to take a cold shower.

Myfirst kiss was wel unexpected . Sitting in car . She grabed me and laid thos lips on me wrapped hdr tongue around mind . Scared me . I didn't like the sucking part it hurt . But that broke the ice for me . I wanted more more more .. one thing she did do . She didn't let on any resentment toward my weight . She weighed 107 pounds in panties, .... Me around 330 but naked... Ya know that kiss ment more to me than all  of my pothetic life ...

I think it isn't the same exactly but still nice. I will have to say that the best kiss I ever had was from a really nice guy from Boston, I dated him from time to time when he came to Michigan on business..it must have been the same for him because every time he called he talked about that one kiss. Smokin Hot!

i'd have to say a lot depends on who you're kissin .. it can be anywhere from fantastic to a limp dishrag .. i think i've curled a few toes in my time .. 




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