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This sure beats Wisconsin weather although the weather here has been effected negatively by the polar attack on the U S of A. Even though I strutted around in new knee high black socks, bermudas, and matching white belt and shoes......I drew little interest from the ladies......go figure.....here I am in the land of head and not a nibble........maybe tomorrow I'll try a comb over. On the plus side...... in Wisconsin I was reduced to being one of' the 'walking dead'......mall walking in endless circles with other oldsters.........here in Hilton Head I get to walk on beaches and look at the ocean.

Luckily the timeshare complex I'm renting from has a full array of activities....bingo, sand dollar painting, team trivia, movie of the week etc...........I'm starting to think Savannah and hookers.......although I am conflicted because of my respect for women........oh look....the resort has a craft extravaganza.......where's my wallet....I'm out of here.

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Where the bodies were.

Dwalt, As uno's long time financial advisor....thought I should mention the bodies were moved after you claimed to know where they were. And the insurance issue is handled....sorry if this is disappointing news. 

You guys really need to get your act together and take it on the road.  You're a scream. 

Dell and me are on the road.......the roads just happen to be thousands of miles apart. dwalt is a working stiff.....not to be confused with the 'stiff' to which men of a certain age aspire.

Karin, I am sorry uno has caused you to scream. Please talk to me before reporting this incident to any authorities. We have a victim hotline and counselors on retainer. Thank you for your cooperation.

It is a bit of a disappointment but thats  ok I always have my night time activities to get me thru.  Curious about the insurance though. Well bummer I'll think of something else to get him on.




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