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you live on the same st. for over 16 years and you still find out somethin new .. andy the guy on the corner has 2 young kids .. a boy about 7 or 8 and a girl about 5 .. well behaved kids and andy is tryin to teach em good manners .. so he told them my name is al and they could call me mr al .. but somehow al became owl .. the other day nancy was out walkin our little fucktard dog rosco and they called her mrs owl .. she came home a little perplexed till andy explained it to her . if i'm mr. owl then she must be mrs. owl .. or as i was sayin whoa .. like hootie the owl ..give a hoot and don't pollute .. so i guess that makes us hootie and the blowfish ??  ehh.. whaddya think ?? 

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I like the blowfish part .....
I wouldn't spend too much time in the trees pertched on a limb Al ....




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