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Do you still put up a tree ? A Fresh cut tree , Artificial Tree or something else ? Or just don"t Care anymore ?

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I used to always put up fresh trees. Then, I caved a bought a prelit 6 foot fake tree, and have been putting that up for a few years.  My kids usually decorate it even now that they are older.

My fiancee cares, and would put one up with we didn't have an exceptionally lazy German Shepherd in the house.

Soooooooooooo, you and your fiance are living in SIN!!!!  Well, isn't that SPECIAL!  I'm all up for a little sin!

Just kidding.

I had a cat that climbed the real tree everynight the first year we had her, and every morning I found it on its side with a few more ornaments on the floor next to it.  When the day came to un-decorate, it was a cinch since there were only a few ornaments left on the tree.  Gotta look on the bright side.

Whats the difference living with a fiancee than an exceptionally lazy German Shepherd ?

.."put one up *IF* we didn't have an exceptionally lazy German Shepherd"...

I had a REAL tree from the time I was BORN until past 3 years where I could not manage a REAL tree by myself. I had my grandparents tree for those first 2 years and bought a little 3 foot last year. I still DO have my grandparents' but THIS year, I got a REAL one. I always have an ADDITIONAL tree in another room (my kitchen/dining room past few years) and it is decorated in honor of my son who lives in a different state. When he moved there, I gave him MOST of his ornaments but these are ones that were HIS but he didn't want to take such as his "Sesame Street" ornament, his Hot Wheels ornament, Baby's first Christmas, Santasaurus, and stuff like that!! LOL!


nah .. i'm not a humbug or nothin and a tree is nice .. but i dunno , i'd have to move a bunch of guitars and amps to make room for a tree .. just seems like a lotta work . maybe if i had a real big house ?? ehh .. probably not .. i'd probably just get more guitars and amps .. 

I grew up with big real trees every Christmas that my dad and I would pick out at the lot. When I got married, we continued the tradition. I always swore I'd never get a fake one. During my last marriage, we started going to tree farms and cutting down our own tree. We had a favorite place where we could ride a horse-drawn wagon out to the fields and they would pick us up when we had our tree. Then I got divorced, and spent a Christmas with my daughter....and she had a fake tree. Later, when I moved to my own little house, there was no room for a big tree, so I resorted to a 6-ft fake one my daughter gave me. I've been putting that one up ever since....when I am in VA for Christmas....which isn't often. Two of my granddaughters have real trees, the third does not. If I were in VA this Christmas....I would've bought a real tree. My son would've helped me with it. I will put up some kind of tree until I am too old and feeble to anymore. I helped my oldest daughter trim her tree last week, and tomorrow we put up my youngest daughter's tree.....both fake. Their kids are grown now....and they don't want to go through the "bother". But I'm a hold-out; I refuse to lose my spirit. :-)

When I started teaching, I quit putting up my own tree at home and put one in my classroom instead...lots of kids don't have them at home so it's been fun for them over the years to decorate mine. My Mom still likes doing one and she isn't able to on her on so I help her with hers.
I have been growing poinsettias and christmas cactus and amaryllis...they make for a pretty and natural decor this time of year...when they cooperate and bloom when they're supposed to.

Always a real tree, although for the past 23 years it's been a live tree I decorate it with lights outside and bring it in a day or so before Christmas and put ornaments on it, after Christmas we donate the trees to the city, we have a warm climate so they can be planted at this time of year. We were buying sequoias, last year we bought a baby blue spruce and planted it in our own yard.

I think this year I'll decorate the planted one outside and bring in fresh greens for the mantle along with the giant poinsettia plant, that should do it for me.

I've never had an artificial tree but I'm thinking a nice small one would be good if I bring in enough garlands for the evergreen smell. We don't get much company here at holiday time now so it's mostly for us.

cool song chief .. that bass moves it along don't it .. i'm sure you noticed that ..

i like this version of it too .. i think these two are kinda cute.. 




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