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so by now you've heard about ray rice gettin booted outta the nfl for knockin his girlfriend out on an elevator in atlantic city i'm sure .. this is gonna be a two part question so pay attention cause they'll be a test at the end .. 

george orwell wrote a book called 1984 about how in the future ( supposedly by 1984 ) we'd all be under the watchful eye of big brother all the time so we wouldn't be able to get away with anything .. and a lot of people don't like the idea of havin camera's up so the police can look in on whats goin on in a bad neighborhood .. or in a business establishment in case they get robbed .. or just for their own protection for insurance fraud for fake injuries .. so what do you guys think about the watchful eye of big brother ?? does it bother you ?? or do you feel like shit won't happen someplace if there's a camera there ?? does it give you a sense of security ??

and now for part two .. do you think the nfl football league tried to ignore this beatin that ray rice gave his girlfriend and it was only because of tmz releasin the actual tape of him knockin her out in the elevator that got them to finally kick him out of the league ?? the league says they didn't know what really happened but the video i saw weeks ago had rice draggin his girlfriend out of the elevator like a dead dog .. how did they think that happened ?? do you think they thought she just passed out even tho he said he hit her ??

do you think the fine and punishment is too stiff for what rice did ?? or not stiff enough ??

do you think there should be some room for forgiveness here ?? that is after he atones for what he's done  ?? 

or do you think he's still a timebomb that can go off at anytime and needs some serious councilin and shouldn't ever be able to play football again unless he undergos some real heavy duty phscy evaluation by some qualified shrinks who can say yay or nay as to when he's ready to return as a condition of his atonement ?? 

or should the nfl just turn their back on him and let him fend for himself here ?? even considerin the amount of violence they do condone and encourage on the field ?? 

ok i lied .. there's a bunch of questions .. but i think they're important questions .. and there's no right and wrong answers .. just how you feel about it all .. we may not all agree .. but we might agree on some things .. or most things .. but above all if we discuss it here we might get some insights that we wouldn't get if we just kept it all to ourselves .. 

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Fox & Friends' jokes about Ray Rice video spark outrage

Dylan Stableford, Yahoo News
Yahoo News
Elisabeth Hasslebeck Joins "FOX & Friends"

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"Fox & Friends" host Brian Kilmeade says he and co-host Steve Doocy weren't making light of domestic violence when they joked that the lesson from the video of Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice knocking his then-fiancee unconscious in an elevator was to "take the stairs."

"Comments that we made during this story yesterday made some feel like we were taking the situation too lightly," Kilmeade said on Tuesday. "We are not. We were not. Domestic abuse is a very serious issue to us, I can assure you."

While discussing the footage on Monday's show, Kilmeade said, "I think the message is, take the stairs."

"The message is, when you're in an elevator, there are cameras," co-host Steve Doocy added.

Those comments sparked considerable outrage on Twitter.

that's a whole list of questions frenchy. just my opinion but his now wife is crazy to marry him after he punched her out (unless she is planning a bobbett some night and claiming abuse as a defense)

i've said it before. professional athletes used to be held to a certain standard of behavior in all sports and would be shitcanned for crimes or moral turpitude. this changed as the money got bigger and bigger. i was at a press conference once when mike tyson was fighting, a woman reporter asked him a question and his response was "i only talk to women when i'm fucking them". not one person said what the fuck? and this is a convicted felon fighting for titles. the same in baseball and football. crimes are overlooked if possible and drug abuse is winked at if they don't get caught. it is a cash cow for the owners and players both. it seems that the attitude toward women among sports figures is pretty much similar to tysons ...nice hooters huh?

and the only way to clear this stuff up is send him out to make a living in the real world. the nfl fucked up when they took back michael vick  and this is another chance to show whether they have ethics or not. i doubt they do. the only way to get permanently banned as an athlete is to get caught smoking a cub scouts dick or eating a girl scouts cookies on camera and i would bet that even that would be dependent on the skill level of the athlete.

re: Mike Tyson comment...I thought most women wanted a man who was honest.

re: marrying Rice...many abused women don't leave their abuser out of fear of the consequences. 

re: and there's no right and wrong answers ... of course there are right and wrong answers. Next time make the questions true or false.

well as far as right and wrong answers goes .. i did say i lied .. but i wanted everyones honest opinions .. even if they were wrong .. or we just thought they were wrong .. 

as far as the nfl and its credibility goes i think they did the right thing in shit cannin the guy without a doubt .. but i also think they owe it to the league and to the public who pay to watch their games as well as the players to do what they can to rehabilitate guys who come off the rails like that .. otherwise they're part of the problem for buildin them beasts and not part of the solution by droppin em like a hot rock if they fuckup .. its kinda like gettin feedback on ebay when you sell somethin to somebody .. everybody leaves wonderful feedback when everything goes right .. what about when somethin goes wrong ?? thats the true measure of what doin the right thing is all about .. when things go astray do you blame everyone else or do you jump in and try your best to fix it ?? granted some things are busted beyond repair , but most are not .. they may not be as pretty as they once were .. always a stain here or there or some cracks that show .. but as long as they still work then they are still of some value .. don't misunderstand me here tho .. i'm not defendin this guys actions by any means whatsoever .. i'm just sayin we all make mistakes ( maybe not to the degree that he did ) and with the right mental help he may be salvageable ?? maybe not ?? but i think the nfl owes everyone involved the time, effort, and monies to try ..   

I watched the wife of another NFL player being interviewed this morning. She said this has been going on in the NFL forever. The men are TAUGHT and TRAINED to get their way through physical violence, and they go home and do the same. 

When wives complain, they are told not to go to the police, not to get a lawyer, the NFL will take care of everything for them, and they do nothing.  The wives suffer black eyes, broken arms, etc.

On the other hand, she said Rice is simply a public whipping boy because this issue was made public by the tape, and she didn't think he deserved to be fired forever from playing.

As to Rice's wife saying their lives were now ruined, this woman this morning said the wife is in love with him, in love with the NFL lifestyle, but she will get tired of it soon enough.

It's like the military or the police force attracting a certain kind of man, and that man can't turn off what he has been trained to do.  My opinion, this is between Rice and his wife. The NFL should never tell a wife not to go to the police or get a lawyer. Whatever happened is between husband and wife, and if the wife exposes the husband, so be it and the NFL has to stand by the decision, but it doesn't really want to, that's why it is feigning shock and doing something about this particular case. It's all ALWAYS about the benjamins.

the wife was saying they were being victimized by the media...wtf! that punch must have knocked her brains loose. your husband to be punches you hard enough to render you unconscious and HE is a victim of the media? wake up! the woman is the victim to begin with yet she has apologized 'for her part' in him punching her out..

i'm so sorry my face hurt your fist

next time it will likely be worse and worse the time after that. it is the way these things progress.

So true, PA!  Abusers almost inevitably progress to more violence.  This is my own personal soapbox; my ex-son-in-law went to prison for the attempted murder of my daughter.  My Christian upbringing makes me believe that change is possible but reality tells me that most abusers do not change.

yeah it is a war like mentality thats perpetuated on and off the field too .. a couple of years ago they suspended a good part of the new orleans saints because of what they called bounty gate .. seems these guys had put bounties on their opposin teams body parts and how they could fuck them up and knock them outta the game .. right on up to the head coach .. and to think it was only the saints that did it would be a bit naive doncha think ?? they were the ones that got caught cause they were dumb enough to talk about it in public .. we all want a fast hard hittin game but nobody wants to talk about the concussions and blown out knees and joints that you can never use the same way again .. its a hard hittin rough and tumble game .. and to think they leave all that aggression on the field might be a bit naive too .. how do you turn that off ?? its a lot like cops who are on a hair trigger all the time and come home and fight with their wife .. they're under pressure to perform too .. too much pressure ,too much expectations .. it can come out another way .. and not in a good way .. and the league tryin to act like they don't see it is the most naive thing of all .. don't get me wrong i'm not blamin goodell the commisioner for what rice did .. but i think its goodell's job to first see the problem and acknowledge it .. and then to do what he can to fix it .. cause i'm sure rice ain't the only nfl player who beat his wife .. do we need video tape of all of em before the league acts on them too ?? actually when you think about it there are thousands of guys who would give almost anything to play in the big leagues but its only a select few who make the cut .. why ?? because perhaps the team they went to already had 6 runnin backs and that was what they played .. so you got sent packin .. so many guys could have made it if they were on the right team at the right time ..so when one of them superstars acts up ?? cut him and bring in a replacement .. it won't take long for them to get the message .. or let them keep on doin whatever they want to .. and do your best to hide it till it breaks ..

so .. so far .. no vote on the camera's .. yay or nay ?? good idea or not ?? was george orwell right ??     

Oops, forgot.  I have no problem with cameras because I don't do much wrong.  But that whole Orwellian dystopia is pretty frightening.  How far will they go?  People in power sometimes let that power go to their heads.

I dunno, French.  I can't answer that one. I'm not sure I like the idea of cameras on cops either. Sure, they sometimes get out of hand, but sometimes I think they need to get out of hand,  Rules aren't always the road to travel, ya know?

yeah its a double edged sword for sure ain't it ?? if they had cameras the night zimmerman and treyvon martin got into it there would have been no doubt about what happened .. same for mike brown in ferguson .. but with each camera we give up a bit of our independence .. do the cameras stop crime ?? for the most part i don't think so .. once them cameras are there most people just go about their business as if they weren't .. unless they're commitin a crime .. then they might move to a non watched corner .. till they put a camera up over there .. then they'll move again to another non watched place .. we all live in the usa and think that law and order truly exists .. and that the police will be there when we need them .. but the truth is the police show up after the crime and do paperwork about what happened .. they seldom prevent crime .. at best they solve it but if someone busts your head open with one of them stupid knockout games does it hurt any less if they catch the guy who did it ?? i guess its a start tho .. but if they're gonna put a whole city under survielence then i'd wanna see some stats that actually show you stopped crime in process by showin up on time .. 

yeah i think you're right chief .. but i feel like if you're gonna watch then if you see somethin .. dispatch the police there asap .. don't stop at the donut shop or macdonalds on the way for coffee .. and i agree that police can't be everywhere which is why some law abidin citizens carry their own guns .. not to shoot people for no reason but for their own protection BECAUSE THE COPS WON'T AND CAN'T BE THERE ..  and if they had cameras up you'd see that play out more and more often as opposed to one guys word against anothers .. don't get me wrong tho . i'm not for just shootin someone willy nilly . but i do believe in self protection .. 

far as ray rice goes if you saw the video its pretty self explanatory .. at some point i'm sure she gave him some lip , maybe even tried to smack him .. who knows maybe she did smack him a few times before they got on the elevator .. but thats no excuse for him knockin her out like that .. you get off at the next floor and walk back down to the desk and get another room .. 




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