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i couldn't sleep last night so i got up about 3am and made some enchiladas.. ran outta regular tomato sauce so i used some voldka sauce i had leftover .i'm not so enthusiastic about that but sometimes you just have to go with the flow ..and if its one thing i do well is go with the flow .. yesterday i fixed a leak on my roof , or i thought i did .. you know how things aren't always what they seem or how they look .. i thought i had it but last nite it rained like hell and it started leakin someplace else .. bummer .. so this mornin i had to fix it again in another spot .. yesterday nancy dropped a cup of water on my toe and this mornin it was all different colors .. blue and red and pink and purple .. i thought i mighta seen a little bit of green in there too .. looked a bit like walt disney threw up or somethin .. so i'm tryin to put an old pair of sneakers on that i leave outside cause frankly they ain't good enough to bring in the house and lo and behold there was a big fat frog in there.. just what my toe needed right .. all i needed was an eye of newt and i'd be good as new .. but i got it fixed .. i hope .. it was thunderin the whole time i was doin it and right after i finish it rained like hell again .. so now the rest of my day is gonna be dedicated to gettin my guestroom cleaned up .. i have a buddy who's gonna move down here and i said he could stay here with me til he finds a place .. lets hope we don't drive each other crazy .. my shop is about 300 square feet and i really need about 600 sq. feet for what i do so a lot of stuff ends up in the house .. crazy thing is if i had 600 sq. feet i'd probably want 1200 .. who knows ?? so now begins the task i have dreaded the comming of for so long ..so hows your friday the 13th goin ?? any action goin your way ?? break any toes or fall off any roofs ??  

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hot water bottle wrapped in a big towel with a ticking clock..

oh and as far as friday the 13th? meh..... i was going to go to town and do the biweekly groceries and library trip but decided it could wait...

So far so good.  Still have the Friday drive home from work to do so it ain't over yet.  Raining here too, supposed to all weekend. Oh well, I'm tired so I'll just hang out at home and hopefully not do much.

What kind of puppy did you get Patricia?  I love puppies!!

It's been raining off and on all day....a good day for sleeping and recuperating from chemo yesterday....blah feeling nauseous not a good day for being perky...might as well be a Friday the13th.
Packing for a week at the beach next week...looking forward to next week. Taking the nephews kayaking for the first time for them...nature,manatees,dolphins, and lots of paddling and piddling.

just curious frenchy....what kind of a roof do you have? if it is a metal roof, you could think about applying a coating to it. there are a couple that work really well and seal out the water as well as lower the temperature inside, not to mention dampen the noise from the rain on the roof

problem,, its a rolled asphalt shingle roof with a mansard goin around the outside so the only way that water can get off is to go down the drain i have .. i actually have two drains but the guys who put the first one in were members of the polish roofin society and actually made the drain higher than the roof .. damm geniuses i tell ya ..good thing it wasn't my house when they did it cause i woulda threw them off the roof ...so i put another outlet in and connected the two of them and the one i put in is right .. so that one works unlike the polish one .. but my problem is because i have so many tall pine trees on my property at this time of the year they drop a lot of them pine needles .. a lot .. a real lot .. and while i have a cage over the hole so they can't clog up the drain i do have to climb up there a few times a year and throw all that shit off the roof cause the mansard is about a foot higher than the deck itself .. when you step on the roof you step down .. if both them drains get clogged up then i got a swimmin pool up there .. and i used to all the time before i put the second outlet in .. and that coatin stuff is good for a quick fix but it don't last all that long for the kind of problems i have .. i need real flashin cement ...trowelin grade.. and then the membrane so it don't crack later .. but even that will only last 4 or 5 years in the florida sun and then you have to reapply it again ..i'm probably gonna have to reroof the whole thing sooner or later but i keep fixin it so,  so far so good ..   

Started my morning going to the dog park, a bike ride, then laid out by the pool.  Then my ex called, it was down hill from there.   He is fighting with our oldest daughter and I will not take sides.  My husband gets home soon so maybe the night will be better.

It is over and nothing bad happened. Nothing really good happened either but it was a fine day.

Best Friday the 13th ever - my first great-grandchild (great-granddaughter) was born at 3:56 a.m.!!  

congrats grammy .. lets see some pics .. 

Happy 13th Grammyk....a good day for sure.




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