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Do you have a special recipe or dinner that your family or whoever you cook for just loves but you don't like cooking it?

Anything you prefer to go out for rather than cook it yourself?

Something you really enjoy cooking and eating?

Do you think you're a good cook? What's the best thing you fix?

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My kids all rave about my potato salad.....and I like that they like it.....but it's so labor-intensive, that I really don't enjoy doing it much anymore. I do, though; I made it for my daughter's Fourth of July bash.
I, too, would rather get a bucket of chicken than fry it myself. And I'm not crazy about frying fish, either. In fact, I don't like making most seafood; I'll go out for that.
I think I'm a pretty decent cook. I really like to cook Italian food, and I like working with slow cookers, too.....roasts, stews, pulled pork. Oh, and I like to grill. And I'm really good at baking goodies, too!

I love cole slaw, and make a pretty darned good one, if I do say so myself.  I like it so well that I find myself judging restaurants by how good their cole slaw is.  I like a couple of different kinds....sweet, sweet and tangy, and vinegar and oil.  My grandma used to make it with pineapple.  That was different, but very good.  My granddaughter is crazy about mine.  I don't make it often nowadays, because I have to go easy on the cabbage due to the blood thinners. 

Karen you don't put milk in your cole slaw do you ? I know KFC does along with Buttermilk . I hate milk .. Love tater salad . I had an aunt that really made a good on but she died several years ago ...

soooo do they plump when you cook em or just squirt when you bite em?

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Man, I responded and somehow it's not here.

Anyway, I'll make this one shorter.  I hate to make turkey.  I hate defrosting it, throwing it around on the morning I need to cook it, delivering, like an OB, all the stuff inside of it: the neck, the bag with the giblets, massaging it with butter--the whole experience!  I feel like I am cooking a dead baby.  So, now, I get turkey catered from my ShopRite which does an excellent job.  I make the lasagna, all the side dishes, the veggies, etc, but the turkey I buy.

I am an excellent cook.  My co-workers used to make fun of me because If I brought left-overs to school, I would ooh and aah and say, "Delicious, if I do say so myself."  ha ha

My favorite big meal to make is Thanksgiving dinner Turkey and all the side dishes, lately I've been cutting back on some side dishes. We don't have much family coming anymore. Everyone is scattered to the winds.

For casual at home stuff I love making Chili and soups.

I would rather go out for sea food although I do make a great seafood pasta and shrimp salad.

No, I'm not a good cook, I don't bake much at all and I don't like complicated many ingredient recipes. I'm all for the simple life.

My husband likes veggies and salads mostly and soups. That works for me.

I enjoy cooking.  I make a mean pork roast which I consider my specialty - I do it with a dry rub that is very flavorful and keeps it moist, with roasted root veggies like baby carrots, parsnips, onions and taters - yum and my family likes it too.  I also make a terrific beef stew, actually it's kind of a cross between a beef bourguignon and stew - I usually make it at least once in the fall or winter and have friends or family over to enjoy it (it isn't one of my favorite dishes, although there are days that call for the warmth of a stew).  I prefer to go out for seafood except lobster, which I prefer to eat at home but would rather not cook - go figure. In the summer time I love making pasta salads.  I like to come up with different combinations and dressing choices.  Never know what I will come up with but they usually get gobbled up pretty quick.  It is a great dish to have around in the summer when family and friends come for burgers and dogs.  I am a pretty good cook but I like to keep it simple and straight forward and use seasonal fresh ingredients.    I actually prefer to cook for a crowd than just for one, which is why I don't cook that often now. 

Me, too!  It's no fun to cook for myself. 

Sure isn't ...

There's this stuff a co-worker gave me the recipe...It's kind of an Indian / Bangladeshi version of Chex Party Mix. About forty ingredients - Six different kinds of breakfast cereal, three kinds of nuts, two kinds of raisins, pitted dates, roasted coconut, palm sugar and exotic Southern-Asian subcontinent spices like Black Salt, Fenugreek, Sweet Neen leaves, and about twenty more. Very labor-intensive, and I haven't figured out how to make small batches of it, as some of the spices are so strong that even only an 8th of a teaspoon goes a long way - The recipe as is produces THREE standard brown paper grocery bags' worth. I only make it once a year, and whip up a batch around xmas season and drag a bowl of it to different parties...

My specialties are, of course, my sauce and then my chicken cutlets.


I slice the chicken breasts across their width into three or four scallopines each, then pound them, put them in a wash of eggs and milk seasoned with Adobo and Italian seasoning,  then dredge them in Progresso Italian flavored bread crumbs  ( must be Progresso), then fry them over medium low heat ( a trick Lydia taught me--it makes them so tender) in extra virgin olive oil.  OMG, tasty!

I have gotten to where i hate cooking any raw meat especially poultry products . I had a Turkey and like Joanna said defrosting washing the bird getting the crap out of turkey just isn't fun . Fixed it about two months ago . Had been in freezer since last thanks giving . Turned out well though . Will buy one already fixed this time around ...




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