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even monkeys and teenagers deserve a second chance ..

i'm not 100% sure exactly what that means but its a line from a movie i saw last night .. and so it goes with michael douglas and diane keaton .. its a sort of as good as it gets type of thing but a bit deeper .. and i still can';t remember who said that line to who.. if it was michael or diane but its stuck in my head .. now if i can only find a situation where it would actually fit somethin i'll use it .. so far it hasn't come up .. but i can keep hopin can't i ?? anyway if you haven't seen this one yet its a good one ..   

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I like that.  I could use it every day at work.

yeah but if you used it everyday then that means you're givin 3rd and 4th and 5th chances by the end of the first week .. pretty soon them numbers get astronomical .. probably easier to just shoot em instead of tryin to keep track .. ehh maybe not .. them bullets cost money .. 

Not if you have a loading machine.  (and I do)

just watched this movie last night. i had requested it a while back from the library. it is a good little movie. rob reiner does some good stuff as a director  and the characters are well acted. plus it is nice to watch a movie where all the characters aren't cloned sub30s. (the quote was from the character played by douglas when he was apologizing later for leaving after sex instead of spending the night)

yeah i knew when it happened but i just couldn't remember who said it to who .. i thought it was michael but i didn't wanna misquote who said what .. thanks for helpin me out .. i'm still lookin for that opportunity to use it .. who cares if it really makes no sense .. i think it kinda does .. in some crazy offhand way anyway .. 

I saw this a couple of weeks ago..cute little feel good movie and a bit bittersweet.
I might be able to work this in with one of my nephews ...he is a preteen...certainly needs a few second chances.

geee, i'm just a little tiny bit older than preteen and i need a second chance now and then. in fact, come to think of it, sometimes MORE now than then.

so then even monkeys , teenagers and old horndogs NEED A SECOND CHANCE NOW AND THEN ?? yeah.. i like it .. that fits too .. 

hey!!   old horndogs???  who's been talking? i resemble that!

by the way, since it is a movie thread...i also watched 'nebraska' with bruce dern ...great movie...reminded me of why people move away.....and i watched  'the november man' with pierce brosnan. some really good movies. and like i said before, kind of nice to see grownups and not sub30 interchangeable clones...

i agree problem . i liked nebraska too.. even tho it was short on beat em ups and shoot em ups and devoid of any slice and dice and blow em ups that most movies resort to now .. it almost seems like there's some kinda prerequisit for how many things you have to blow up , shoot , stab , stomp and kill.. and that gets kinda old after awhile .. i'm sure its cause i'm just a teeny bit biased but i also like to see people at least close to my own age interactin in different situations that life throws at you .. i have nothin against the 30 and under crowd and there's plenty of room for them too , but does every new hit movie have to be about them ?? and the november man is in my que already so sometime this week i'll watch that .. 

just recently i got a few from the library and they were 

the zero theorem .. well here's where i can actually use that even monkeys and teenagers deserve a second chance .. the director of this movie was the same guy who directed brasil .. terry gillam .. so you'd think maybe he'd wanna make a movie that makes just a little bit more sense this time , give em a second chance right ?? WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG ..  i don't think terry gillam ever came down from that acid trip he did back in the 80's when he made brasil .. same acid .. same trip ..

i also watched jimi hendrix all is by my side .. it didn't get much hype at the box office that i know of and to be honest i'm not a huge hendrix fan.. i think he was quite different when it came to playin the guitar and personally i probably would have liked him .. he was definitely talented but i'm not sure if it was the drugs or what but his music was pretty far out there .. and he would go completely off the reservation if you get my drift .. i'm sure he had some kind of vision that he was reachin for but i couldn't always see it .. but his life story seemed like it would be a good movie and in the begginin it was .. but the story ended about 3 years before his death so there was a lot of his life that was left alone .. i'm not sure why .. maybe they pulled the plug ahead of time or felt it would run too long ?? either way they left you expectin more and not deliverin ..   

yeah, that is the hollywood formula: write and when you get stuck, throw in boobs or an explosion or maybe even both followed by car chases and gunplay. they use more bullets in an average action movie than were used in iraq. i think that is why i lean toward some of the british films. they use actors of all ages and sizes and looks and do more plot development. i know i know weird but i like it. 

 terry gillam?  wasn't he behind monty python or one of the flying circus? that would explain a lot. 'always look on the bright side of life' .

hmmmm biopics of musicians have never been particularly good....

nebraska reminded me of why people leave those out on the prairie towns....life centers around the bar, the church and the mooselodge or vfw post .....

nebraska quotes:

David Grant: How did you and mom end up getting married?

Woody Grant: She wanted to.

David Grant: And you didn't?

Woody Grant: I figured, what the hell.

David Grant: Were you ever sorry you married her?

Woody Grant: All the time.

David Grant: Why didn't you divorce mom?
Woody Grant: I'd just end up with someone else who would give me shit all the time.

David Grant: Well, why did you have kids, then?

Woody Grant: I like to screw, and your mother's a Catholic, so you figure it out.

Kate Grant: Keith White. He wanted in my pants, too. But he was so boring.

[Kate lifts her dress and flashes a tombstone]

Kate Grant: See what you could have, Keith, if you hadn't talked about wheat all the time.




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