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Today a lot of women, both young and old, are out in public in various stages of undress.

I was born in a different age , hell , I used to have to date for months to get to see as much flesh as strangers now openly display in public. At 68 years old I am anything but prudish....when I find a woman attractive these displays are like manna from heaven to me.

Here is what I find amusing..... in most cases I'm no longer the target audience .......but in no way does this knowledge cause me to avert my eyes.Which in turn causes some of these flesh purveyors to react as if I'm a dirty old man. One young woman actually called me a dirty old man (I have to admit that sometimes I might appear to be leering) o.k., in the interest of fairness I might have actually been leering..........anyhow I replied ' I'm not a dirty old man. I'm a man...and I happen to be old" Another time as I stared in glee at a voluptuous young woman's gifts she said "I hope I made your day" to which I replied "Hell, you made my whole week. " Yesterday I got a new prescription at the pharmacy and was asked if I had any questions. When I replied that I had never taken these pills before the clerk called the pharmacist over to talk to me. The pharmacist was a more then attractive young woman, who bent over towards me, as she explained my new blood pressure medication.....I heard not a word she said.....as I was engrossed at gazing at her almost perfectly shaped creamy breasts. The only thing  I actually learned was that I didn't need Cialis. She asked if I had any questions......I did have the good judgment to not point to my appendage and ask "should I call you if this lasts for more then 4 hours?" I don't think this encounter could have been good for my blood pressure. 

I guess etiquette might be don't stare, but I don't care. (Just a little poem to show my sensitive side).

Actually if my sensitive side was showing I'd be arrested.      

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I've been enjoying the guys that work for my lawn service...nothing like a nice looking, muscular guy using large power tools....sigh.

I think more women should go into the yard service .....

I will have to spend more time in frozen food section ..... I may be a dirty old man but I don't show it in plublic ...... I also don't want to grow up fully , don't think any of us do ..... Last year I bought me a set of perscription sun glasses , life is better now .....

What would be the correct words for "erect nipple" ?





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