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Meet Carmen Dell’Orefice; the 81 year old supermodel!

81?! Yes, she is! Can you believe it?! This lady is working as a model for over 68 years now! Carmen was born in 1931. Her parents were constantly fighting, separating and getting back together, so Carmen grew up in foster homes and spent some time with other relatives. In 1942 Carmen and her mother got reunited and they moved to New York City. When Carmen, a pretty 13 years old girl, was riding a bus to her ballet class, the wife of photographer Herman Lanschoff came to her and asked her if she would like to work as a model. Carmen liked the idea of becoming a model, so not long after the approach, her first test photos were taken by Jones Beach. Carmen got introduced to Vogue and she signed a contract there. At the age of 16 Carmen hit the cover of the US Vogue. She was the youngest model on a cover ever! 


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now you may say she took good care of her body, due to her ballet and model background or that she has had reconstruction but does it matter ...even wrinkles and laugh lines are ok by me.  I think it's your attitude that makes you younger and happy.  Why even dolly Parton says...if it bags, sags or drags she get's it fixed!  If that's your thing go ahead.

She is beautiful!  She gives me hope.

she does look the age of someone in their very early 70's 

she has beautiful skin and best of all a beautiful smile.

what you eat, the exercise you do and attitude is best.

My Ma who died in her late 90's was out riding a horse, riding lawnmower and a tractor in her 90's

and she had 3 beers a day!  Her motto was to never have an unkind word or thought about anyone.

We had local cowboys sobbing at her funeral because everyone loved Ma. she was so much fun to be with.

I think shes a beautiful woman, regardless of what she has done to look that way, because most importantly, she is active and enjoying her life.  My mom turned 85 yesterday, and her boyfriends (yes, plural, though she's only "sweet" on one of them) all think she's younger than they are, and they're all 7-8 years younger than she is.  She hasn't had any cosmetic surgery and due to allergies and skin conditions, all she ever uses in the way of make up is eyebrow pencil and lipstick.  I should be so lucky, lol!

So should we all, MC......so should we all....

i've always liked older women .. even more than younger women most of the time .. but i think age is only a number .. its the maturity and wisdom you aquire along the way that makes a lot of difference too .. there are some pretty good lookin people who are also pretty vacant inside .. somehow all them looks while nice don't add all that much to their inner substance if you get my drift .. and both of these women look pretty good for their age .. 

Wow, both of them look amazing. Gives me hope at least but I'm happy with being here even if not great in looks I'll only wish to be fun to be with when/if I get to 90, my biggest wish if I get there is to have all my marbles so to speak.

wanna buy some marbles lifey  ...for just in case .. you can never have too many marbles can ya ?? 

Got some more of those marbles to sell me, French?  I need all I can get. 

My mother was a beautiful woman.  She was 82 when she died, but up until that last year, she was lovely.  Her illness stole that from her.  I always wanted to look like her; unfortunately, I look like my dad, instead.  Now, mind you.....he was a fine looking man.  But he'd have made a pretty poor woman.  I got my height, coloring, eyes, nose, smile.....everything from him.  Momma was smaller....dark hair.....blue eyes....beautiful smile.  Never had a problem with weight.  Sure wudda been nice if I'd taken after her! 

She was still getting truckdrivers tooting their airhorns at her when she was in her mid 50s. 

Any time I start to feel old, though, I just take a look at the other ladies in my senior group.  I definitely don't fit in....looks wise.  I am the only one with long hair. And I don't wear "The uniform".....you know....sweat pants, white gym shoes and a cardigan sweater.  I guess I just don't know how to be an old lady. 


I do not own a pair of sneakers or sweat pants either

i have long curly brown hair...it is tied back in my picture

(with a sprinkle of grey and white)

and i'm 70 so you are what you feel you are

not what others "want" you to be , my family has accepted  me

as I am what I am and will never change

Julia.....my daughters and granddaughters would scream at me if I went and cut and permed my hair and let it go gray.  They enjoy my younger attitude. 

And my granddaughter brags about me and tells people she hopes she takes after the women in her family and stays younger longer. 

And this Christmas, my sil said he had a hard time picturing me in a Senior Group.  When I asked why, he said, "Because that's for old people".  I said, "Well, I'm pushing 67.....ain't that old enough?"  He said, logically, he knows I'm that old.....but he never thinks of me as being that old.  I guess that was a compliment.   

that was a great compliment and you are only as old as you feel

my Ma was still riding horses in her late 90's and enjoying life

once we saw her out in the snow on her back at age 80

showing the children how to make snow angels




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