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seems more and more lately its little things that are brought to our attention that while they were a great idea at the time have faded away .. and someone in their 20's will wonder what they were like.. or might just think it was a cool thing to do or .. just plain dumb .. this is one of them things .. remember drive in movies ?? of course you do .. we all probably went to one or two of em in our youth .. and while i won't say anyone here actually lost their virginity at one of them places i'm pretty sure that a lot of people have .. but drive ins are just a memory of a time gone by now .. most have fallen on hard times and have been reappropriated  into somethin else . but they were great back then weren't they ?? somehow the idea of watchin a movie in the somewhat privacy of your own vehicle was almost akin to watchin a movie in your own livin room ( albeit with the shades up and everyone able to peer in on their way to the snackbar ) and then there were them vans .. or the volkswagon bus which would give you a bit more privacy .. i wouldn't exactly call em a motel on wheels but to a 17 year old kid full of hormones it was pretty close.. and sometimes the movies weren't too bad either .. i think the last movie i ever saw at a drive in was american graffiti back in 74 or so .. or was it deathrace 2000 with that david carridine guy who hung himself in thailand tryin some kind of auto erotica self asphixciation .. so sorry grasshopper.. most of the driveins are gone now but believe it or not i have one down the street not to far from where i live .. but its been shut down now for about 15 years or more .. its a flea market now .. they were gonna turn it into a car auction site but that deal fell thru .. but it was open all thru the 90's when i had my video store and it gave me fits sometimes .. they never got first run movies but they were really cheap .. and they'd get the movies that i'd be gettin in as new releases and charge a buck a head so a guy could take his girl for 2 bucks on a saturday nite and save a buck cause i charged 3 bucks for a new movie .. anyway here's some pics of some old drive ins .. might just bring back some memories for some of you .. unless of course you were a toody goo shoes and never went to a place like that growin up ..   


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yeah...  wives can be such a downer sometimes can't they ?? 

Been to many of them, I remember the places spraying for mosquitos during the summer months because you had to leave the windows open for the speaker or at least the cord. That was back in Michigan where the mosquitos were a problem in those open areas. Great place to go for a make out date.

My first husband and I spent many a date at the old Twin 41 drive-in on hwy 41 in Milwaukee. We even went to the drive-in in Joliet, IL, when we had babies. It was great, cuz we didn't need a sitter. Just give them a bath...put 'em in pjs.....bring some snacks and a baby bottle.....and by the time the first movie was half over.....they'd be out like a light. We even went with another couple and their 2 kids. We parked next to each other.....put the kids in one car, and us in the other. We had a lotof fun. They still have an operating drive-in in Plymouth, IN, and my daughter goes at least once each summer.

In Marshall, AR, their drive-in movie theatre is the only theatre in town that's still open.  They tell me that now, instead of a speaker box, there's a thing that attaches to your radio antenna or somehow adheres to the antenna in your windshield and all audio comes through your radio.  Just hearsay on my part.  I, too, have not been to one since Jeremiah Johnson (when it snowed on him, it was also snowing on us - because the theatre was open in the wintertime with little heaters).  They had an indoor seating area but very few people chose to sit there.

We just had a dual-screen lot open up about five years ago. Their great idea was getting rid of the shitty speakers that always wound up getting ripped off the stands and replacing them with a very low-wattage FM stereo radio broadcast. Given the high quality of the average car sound system these days, it was a clever move on their part.

They're only open about five months out of the year, but they're doing just fine financially. Good for them.

Names of driveins we had close .





Fox , it showed xxx movies ..

Springs Road

ehh. a little bit of a filter there wayne could ya ?? 

I removed , No Problem




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