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Lady's if you were approached by a man and he came up to you and laid a nice kiss on your lips . Does that mean you kissed him to ? 

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Only if it felt good.  If it didn't, then, no, he forced me.

Is this someone I know?   Or a stranger?  If it's someone I know......I might find it enjoyable (if....like Crest said....I liked it).  I like a man who is confident.  But if some guy I don't know did it?  He'd probably end up getting slapped.

The best kiss I ever had, and I may have described it, was by a guy I was not that interested in, but he wrapped his arm around me, bent me backwards ( he was 6'4") and kissed me passionately.  He got my attention after that.  The next best was also from a tall man, 6'2"--that same action of wrapping his arm around my waist--whooo-eeee!. Both kisses looked like the ones people get in the movies.

My very first kiss turned out to be the best one I ever got. It's amazing how many guys don't have a clue how to kiss.
If I didn't initiate the kiss then I didn't kiss him, he kissed me...even if I liked it.

aww pat you sound so tough .. 

i remember goin to see a buddy of mine who just had a hernia operation in the hospital and i saw this young nurse go by who i thought was kinda cute but totally preoccupied so when i was leavin when i walked by her in the hall i just grabbed her and gave her a kiss .. she didn't really kiss back , but she didn't scream or fight either.. i think shock was more what she felt ..and it wasn't one of them 3 minute kisses .. 20 seconds maybe ..  she just looked at me with them big brown eyes not sure what just happened or what to say .. i was probably about 21 and looked like some long haired hippie freak and she was a little older .. maybe 26 or 28 ..and very tidy , not a hair outta place ..  so as i was walkin away i said , your mother said it was alright .. ya think she remembers that ?? i mean i wasn't threatening or anything ..just that impish grin that usually got me outta trouble all the time ..  would you girls remember somethin like that ??   

From a younger cute hippie looking guy!  Yessir.  Now, people might call what you did sexual harassment, but sometimes it's just pure flirting.


yeah i can relate pat .. but sometimes you just gotta go with it .. take a chance .. if it was you i kissed you probably woulda tazed me with your stun gun and i'd still be shakin now .. i have to admit i haven't done anything like that lately .. but who knows ? if i'm single again anytime soon ? maybe i might ?? and you'll probably be seein all about me on cnn .. the kissin bandit who got his dumb ass tazed and damm near had a coranary so they had to call 911 and medivac him somewhere .. yeah that would probably be me .. 




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