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 I'm up and stumbling around on etsy and I need some constructive criticism if anyone is interested in checking out my site. Let me know. It's a little overstimulating for my taste and there seems to be a vortex that I get sucked into everytime I look for more information. There's so much to read up on, I was just wondering if anyone has the monarch notes off the top of their head for a few things. Below are some pics of one quilt that I'm working on and another that I have up for sale.

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okey dokey, hi kooner! hold on!http://www.etsy.com/people/wildwestfordhoney
Thank you Kooner. Good things to think about. I have to put a disclaimer in that my shop is still rough around the edges and honeeeee letmetelya I've been at this so long that I'm feeling kinda ragged myself. I'm confused about the table runner commment. I don't think I have anything that would make a good one. The key one needs a shadow box. I was going to donate that quilt to the Patriot Guard Riders but no one came forward to claim it and now I need a pellet stove installed for winter. So we'll see what happens. I haven't been this tired in a long time so I'm heading back to bed.................

Very helpful, thank you!


 Took a break from it all but I still don't think I've had enough sleep.


 My Mom and Dad met in Art school and that sounds like what they had to do. Mom always told me to get up close and look at the brush strokes. Dad was freakin amazing , just zip,zip , zip and poof there would be an entire sketch of my nephew. He was a designer for Herman Miller.

LOL oh I was brainwashed from an early age..............ART IS GOOD!
Better late than never. I read that looking at art creates the same chemicals in your body as falling in love. So now the science backs up the high felt by those open to it.
Jusst looking at art is  alot safer ...................Falling in love and losing my husband almost killed me. I'm stickin with art from here on out. I just can't seem to get the dern thing to turn over like it used to....my heart I mean. But I wouldn't have missed the time I had with "Ollie" for the world. That sucker , you know what he did? I called him Ollie but his name was Roy and he went and had Ollie tattooed onto his chest right where you would put a hello my name is Ollie sticker. SIGH, everybody thought we were nuts, we were just madly in love.

awwwwww, BTW, I got into it with some rich cyberbullies and I'm scared that they'd buy my quilt just to have a quilt ripping party. So I took my stuff down . I was sticking up for some newly weds and they were shitting all over the style of wedding that they had . Now I''m getting flamed for doing that.


Aparently someone's got a little powertrip going on. NO?

The other people are very intimidated by these guys. No one wants to get on thier nasty little site and be featured and the language .... I can swear like a sailor too but that's not my usual temperment. Get this , they raise thousands of dollars for charity so like that makes it ok..................................to be an asshole.

The quilt is beautiful. How long did it take to embellish? 




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