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How many songs about horses can we find? Or songs in which horses figure? Heck...songs written by someone named Horse or Clydesdale or Shetland...hahaha.

I wonder! 

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One of my favorite groups.

Mine too. Their first album came out when I was 19...certainly defined those years for me, along with CSNY and a few others...

Good to see you here, Goldilocks!


STEWBALL by Peter Paul and Mary

Love P,P, & M! So sorry Mary has passed on...

Boy this brings back memories! "His bridle was silver, his mane, it was gold..."

Another Johnny Cash horse song.

Another great one!


A classic, Robbie!  Thanks!

Hi Angh


SO much love sent your way, M....Thank you for joining, my stalwart friend! Of course this was one I was waiting to see someone post.




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