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i doubt zimmerman will apply for any more neighborhood watch positions shadow .. this was not a walk in the park for him .. and i'm sure there are a lot of other people who may have thought they might try to pitch in and do a neighborhood watch who have definitiely changed their minds too after this whole fiasco .. and i'm not sure what trial you watched shadow but zimmerman didn't chase down treyvon to tangle with him .. all he wanted to do was a get a visual on him so he could report it to the police when they arrived .. period .. but treyvon doubled back and attacked him .. that part was covered and all the evidence lined up pretty much exactly as zimmerman said . he never so much as threw a punch at treyvon .. he got sucker punched and knocked to the ground and was on the bottom screamin for help thru it all .. the prosecution tried to say zimmerman was racist because he said these assholes always get away .. hmmm .. so if you're an asshole does that mean you're black ?? and he also said fuckin punks .. hmmm.. does that mean you're black ?/ since when did the words asshole or fuckin punks become synonamus with black ?? he never once utttered any kind of racial epitaths .. but , accordin to rachel jenteal the girl treyvon was talkin to on the phone ( who lied about 4 times under oath so who knows how straight her story is ) said that treyvon said he was bein followed by a creepy ass white cracker .. hmm.. so who's bein racial here ?? did treyvon sucker punch zimmerman cause he was white ?? now i'm not sayin that but if you go by the prosecution you could make that kind of claim.. because they tried to say thats why he hunted treyvon down .. because he was black .. it couldn't have possibly had anything to do with him walkin around in the rain as if he was window shoppin could it ?? or the fact that zimmerman said he looks like he's high or somethin .. and he actually was ?? and again let me remind you that as many times as they tried to say zimmerman followed treyvon that in itself is not a crime .. a public street is just that .. a public street .. and you have just as much right to be on it as a suspicious person does .. you have no obligation to give the right of way on any public street to someone who looks suspicious .. you don't have the right to put your hands on them but you can walk there just like they can .. and its not illegal to look at someone .. and if you're on neighborhood watch thats what you're supposed to do .. watch ..and call it in ..  no more no less .. and thats what he did . and i'll agree that treyvon was lawfuly usin the streets ( but zimmerman didn't know that because this was a gated community and he'd never seen treyvon before ) but once he sucker punched zimmerman he was no longer lawfully usin the streets .. when you assault someone thats illegal .. in all 50 states .. and then continued to assault him , well thats aggravated assault and battery ..

now the prosecution wanted the jury to believe that was trevon who was screamin for help but even in treyvons own family the only one who said it was definitely trevons voice was his mom .. his dad said it wasn't his son and there were two sanford detectives who swore to hearin him say that when he heard the 911 tape .. he later changed his story .. his brother said i'm not sure .. it might be .. but he couldn't say for sure .. on the other hand zimmermans mother, father, wife , uncle and 5 friends all swore it was him cryin for help ..so are we to believe that treyvon was on top of zimmerman ( john goode the only eyewitness saw it that way ) and treyvon was the one cryin for help as he was beatin the shit outta zimmerman ?? john goode thought it was zimmerman cryin for help too but it was dark and he couldn't be sure but from the direction that the voice was commin from he thought it was zimmerman cryin .. so did it make sense to you it was treyvon cryin for help ?? yeah .. the jury didn't believe the prosecution on that one either .. then there was the shirt and the bullet hole .. forensics said the bullet went thru the shirt and the muzzle of the gun was right up against it but the bullet was about 4 inches from the muzzle .. how could that be ?? again they explained it .. treyvons clothes were loose on him and as he was hoverin over zimmerman and hittin him his shirt was about 4 inches away from his body due to gravity .. the prosecutin tried to use that doll and say that treyvon was tryin to get away and cryin for help when he was shot but if that was the case then his shirt would have been flat up against his chest .. so then they tried to say zimmerman grabbed his shirt but the m.e. that the defense brought in said no because then the bullet and the shirt hole would not line up . and remember this was the guy who wrote 4 books on bullets and forensics and had more sheepskins and diplomas than an austrailian sheepherder .. i think he co authored 27 more books and wrote about 85 papers that were published in all them forensic journals that all the other forensics experts read .. and he's been all over the world helpin to solve crimes with the knowledge he has about forensics .. not just in the usa .. so again the jury couldn't be swayed by the prosecutions argument .. and yes i'll agree that zimmerman was not mortally wounded .. he got banged up pretty good but his injuries were not life threatenin .. but the reason his injuries were not any worse was because he shot treyvon .. .. now i'm willin to admit that i don't know if treyvon would have actually killed zimmerman .. but i don't know that and neither did zimmerman and thats what the jury had to know .. not that zimmerman was really gonna be killed by the injuries he had .. but if it was possible that he was scared enough to shoot because he thought the attack and further injuries could lead to that .. and until he shot treyvon , treyvon showed no signs of breakin off the attack . so would he or wouldn't he have killed zimmerman ?? i don't know .. and neither does anyone else .. cause if anyone says they know , then they must be able to read the future .. and if they can let me know ok .. cause this way you can tell me who's gonna play in the superbowl this year before the season starts and what the final score will be and i can make my bets now and clean up.. otherwise all you can do is say you don't know either .. and we'll have to leave it at that .. it would be nice to think that treyvon would have broken off the attack and never been shot and this had a happy endin .. hollywood has pretty much conditioned us to want a happy endin ..but sometimes it doesnt work out that way .. and there's nothin we can do about it .. the jury voted the way they did because they couldn't say for sure what would happen either .. and that was the right verdict to make with the evidence before them ..     

From what I've been able to learn, there already was NO Neighborhood Watch program in Zimmerman's area - He just went and did it on his own.

If this case was about race and Zimmerman is biracial, Hispanic/white, which of his biracial parts was racist against Trayvon?  If Zimmerman were black, would it have been racial?

I think this case is unfortunate but people need to stop making it about something it is not about.

There was no case because there were no witnesses that could prove Zimmerman acted maliciously. Therein lies the problem.  I read that Florida was politically coerced to bring the case to trial.  It's hard to win a case if you don't have evidence.

they had evidence cresty .. its just that all the evidence pointed in the direction that zimmerman said it would .. the sanford D.A. said they wouldn't and couldn't bring this to trial because none of the evidence pointed to anything other than what zimmerman said and it would just be a waste of time .. and then al sharpton arrived on the scene and it got very political so governor rick scott assigned angela cory as the special prosecutor for this case and she tried to fabricate as many charges as she could . this whole trial was all about politics and to give the impression they could actually do somethin about what had already happened ..but the law is already written for self defense and i don't think they're ever gonna change that .. they might try to fine tune the stand your ground law and that might not be a bad idea .. as much as i've fought with everyone over this i'm not a big fan of just shootin people because you can .. if you really knew me then you'd know that .. this whole thing was a tragedy no doubt about it and i know there are many people who were dissappointed with the trials outcome and knowin what they do about the case i don't blame them . but this was not the way it appeared on the surface .. and unfortunately most people never really got past the surface of this thing .. just the snippets they heard on the news here and there and they think they know the whole story and they don't .. i'll bet half of them that are marchin in the streets didn't even watch this trial .. 

And Frenchy, about the people marching in the streets - I think they HAVE been watching this trial.  Very carefully.

I get that under the Florida law, this is all too legal.  But this is about race in the sense that Zimmerman pursued a young man who he thought looked "suspicious".  Do you really think that if Trayvon were white, walking home in the rain with his hood up he'd have been pursued?  I think not.  In that sense, it does involve race and profiling.  I know we'd like to think this doesn't really happen but it does, every day, in many places.  I speak from experience.

I see it exactly this way too, Lifesighs.  I also read this opinion and often watch his commentary on TV; he hit the nail on the head, so to speak, on this one too.

I worry about my grandsons; their mother has had The Talk with them but it scares me deeply that there are people who will never take the time to know them and will judge them as scary and "bad" just because of the skin they live in.  

i'll agree grammy that there are bad people in this world who will do bad things .. and sometimes it only takes a different skin color to bring that horrific truth to the fore .. and it exists on both sides , not just white against black or black against white but all the colors in between too .. and i think its sad and i doubt that you believe me when i say this but its true ..i wish i could change it .. but i can't .. my best advice to your grandsons and everyone's children white or black or inbetween is if they think they're bein followed is to call 911 right away.. don't pick a fight or hang around waitin for one .. it could all just be a big misunderstandin .. or it could be someone who's just lookin for a fight and all they need is a reason or a victim .. unfortunately in this case i don't think that was the issue .. much is known about zimmerman but with all thats known none of it comes back as racist .. so far the fbi has interviewed over 40 people about zimmerman tryin to turn up somethin in his past that would show that .. so my next question would be what do you know about treyvon martin ?? its a simple question .. i've responded to very question that was asked but nobody will respond to mine ..    

In this case frenchy I think one of the major points is that when the police got there they saw a white man who killed a black boy, they did not take Zimmerman into custody, they did not arrest him, they did not investigate, they took his word for what happened. If the police had done the job they were hired to do they might have found a witness who had seen what really happened.

If a black man had killed a white boy I think things would have been handled very differently.

From what I understand black kids are warned by their parents under no circumstances to call the police when there is trouble. I think they know the police will never take their side and will in many cases bring charges against them when innocent. 

ya know lifey i never even considered that parents told their kids not to call the police if they were in trouble .. is that really true ??

and as far as not arrestin zimmerman or takin him into custody thats again not true .. thats the first thing they did .. they did arrest him . and they questioned him for 5 hours that night .. zimmerman waived his right to an attorney and spoke freely to them for 5 hours ..you didn't know that ?? well i'm not surprised .. its been repeated over and over again so most people believe that but it not true .. he was arrested and taken into custody right away .. and they did investigate .. and most of the people that lived there didn't want to get involved ..was there anyone there who really did see the whole thing ?? maybe , possibly .. but everyone who testified at the trial have all moved away ..  and they did find a witness that saw a good part of it and he did testify .. he went inside to call 911 when treyvon was shot ..so from the time he called from the time he went inside was perhaps 30 seconds at most and zimmerman was on the bottom and screamin like he was on fire.. and the screamin didn't stop until the shot went off .. and even that witness didn't want to get involved .. if you remember the black panthers put a million dollar price on zimmermans head .. who wants to get involved with that ?? andf the police always knew where he was .. zimmerman never hid from them .. he always made himself available to them whenever they wanted him to .. and he turned himself in when he was ordered to do so .. when he went into hidin it was because of this kind of stuff .. and he'll probably have to look over his shoulder for the rest of his life .. which might not be long if the black panthers have their way ..  

does this sound racial at all to anyone here ?? 




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