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What are the songs that define your philosophy of life? Here's one of mine...



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I feel this deeply.

DANNY!!!! Hooooooray!!!

GREAT, happy song. Groovin' to it right now.

It's like the old song:

If you find a lump in your sugar bowl baby, It will be me, and I'm looking for you.

Good ol' Jerry Lee!

Love it, Danny! Haven't listened to the B-52s for a long while--can't think why. Changing that...

I rule my body from the throne of agony
My conscience and constitution's naggin me
Clock up another TRACHEOTOMY
STAB another dagger inna back o' me
The dark gods boint ma evil SOUL
Ma brittle spirit's toint to COAL
I rule my body from the throne of agony

Have you talked to a professional about this, Funes?  :>)

Yes, so far they have ruled out psoriatic arthritis as the cause.

Damn...you don't know anyone in the market for a s--tload of Enbrel, do you?

I believe Rush Limbaugh bought up the world's supply of Enbrel as a possible cure for his anal necrosis cyst.




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