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What are the songs that define your philosophy of life? Here's one of mine...



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A multitude of angels...Yup, DD.
It's a great part of what's so beautiful about you, DD.

"Everywhere I go...the only thing I see is beautiful people..."
Hahahaha...I don't think I'd seen this video with the marching band, Joella. Cool! Great, classic Mac, and a great philosophy to live by.
That was done right after "Tusk" closing their 1997 concert.

Incredible Suuse sent this to me and my Darling. It echoes a part of our philosophy of life...to live fully in the minute, and to celebrate love and express it. Because, "for all we know..."

me, too, DD. thanks for the song.

If it weren't inappropriate, cheesy, mocking and just-so-WRONG, it just wouldn't be me.
 This would go good with some Polka music!




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