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What are the songs that define your philosophy of life? Here's one of mine...



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So beautiful, Funes...so true! I'd never heard this...thank you.
I've always loved that song - Johnny Cash does a great version also.
Two great songs, Kathy! Yes, the simple life. My Beloved and I intend to pare away all the chaff, to move into a small, sustainable, off-the-grid home and take almost nothing with us. Then, without the detritus of modern life, we'll spend our time...living! Good works, good friends, good fun, family, and love.....
From all too human me to my perfectly imperfect Love. One of the most important truths you've taught me, M'Annsachd...thank you:

One of a gazillion theme songs for my relationship more than for me personally. To you, D., M'Annsachd.

There are many that could define me, but this one came to mind first.....

I'll ride again. I love that!

Weren't the Highwaymen an amazing collaboration, Bob?

Depends on the day :-)



Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm nice, Quinn!

Secret of life...get the balance right. Well, that or 42...

Hugs, Jackie!




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