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So share with us your story...(whatever the ending)



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My story ends with no sex since March 10th 1983 at 10:30 AM 

I take it your sex life is not A-okay. Been in prison?

Spent one night in jail . That day in March was the day my Daddy died . My X and I split up after 10 years of marriage . I got my girls . Raised them till the got married . Just never persuid a relationship .

Not even that night in prison?

I've seen a lot of threads killed in a lot of ways. 

Damn shame. I never hit on that guy in prison.

Shoulda, coulda, woulda. (I mean you, not me)

Ya never know, ya might still have a chance if you friend him funes.

I have no story.  

I'm sure you do. I'm not saying you need to share it. But someone as interesting as you, full of ideas, compassionate, witty, loving, and spot on, always has a story. 

Don't you mean interesting, full of ideas, compassionate, witty, loving, spot on, and amazingly facetious, Bubba???


We still want a story, how about telling us the one about the troubled aadvark.

The Troubled Aardvark by A. Plagiarized Grad-Student

Once upon a time, there was an aardvark whose only pleasure in life was driving from his suburban bungalow to his job at a large brokerage house in his brand new 4x4. He hated his manipulative boss, his conniving and unethical co-workers, his greedy wife, and his sniveling, spoiled children. One day, the aardvark reflected on the meaning of his life; the pointlessness of his career; the unchecked, catastrophic decline of his nation; and the complete ineffectiveness of any personal effort he could make to change the status quo. Overcome by a wave of utter depression and self-doubt, he decided to take the only course of action that would bring him greater comfort and happiness: he drove to the mall and bought imported consumer electronics and a briefcase full of Plutonium-239.





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