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They'll be sorry they didn't replace what I assume must have been rot. Maybe they slapped some cement on the spots? Is it a no-name truck, and the guy's slouchy young nephew doing the thing?

Nope, no fly by night guys here. I actually hired the company that did the shingles about two years ago, so if there are any other leaks, they will be responsible to fix any problems. 

PS. I think the whole leak thing was caused by one nail that for some reason backed out of the wood and allowed water to get into the nail hole. I had my son in law put some roofing tar around the nail last year, but don't think he did a very good job. And it was weird the way it would leak too. It could rail like the dickens 30 times and no leak. But then it would rain, and it would leak. Might not leak again for 6 months, and then do it again. Like I said, weird!!

Well, they say bad things come in threes. I'm waiting for number three. Last night one of my outdoor speakers quit working. Easy fix, just some corrosion on the speaker wires that I had to clean up. Just for kicks, I thought I'd spin a few albums this afternoon, but was only getting one channel out of the turntable. So I took my antique (about 37 years old) turntable apart, and after some digging found a loose screw holding a wire. Not one of the speaker wires, but it must have had something to do with the left and right of the stereo since the turntable works after tightening down the screw. So there's my two, whats behind door number three????????

Had a bunch of limes off the tree in the back yard, so made my first key lime/mango pie. Made a Graham cracker and ginger snap crust, and dusted the top with more ginger snap crumbs and chopped mango pieces. Made it yesterday afternoon and was half gone last night.


Did I say, "YUM?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"  :>)

Key limes and mangoes are two of my favorite things. Shmushing 'em together is a very GOOD thing!!!! 

Not sure if anybody reads this crap anymore, but here goes anyway.

Just got back from the Doc's. Surgery will be scheduled after some tests get done. Haven't got those scheduled yet, so don't know when the surgery will take place. Seems like things are probably going to get complicated again. He doesn't want to go through my belly due to all the hernia surgeries, so plans on going through my side. He will ATTEMPT to cut the ureter loose, and then reattach it. Only problem is that he doesn't know if there is enough ureter left to do this. If not, then the right kidney and ureter will have to be removed. Since there are a lot of nerves where he plans on cutting, I have a good possibility of loosing muscle tone, so may end up looking like I have a large hernia on my side.
OK, I don't see any cheese, so I guess the whine is done. I'm still alive, loved, and in love, and that's what counts the most.

Sending more in that endless supply of good vibes, Bubba!

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Thank you dear heart!!!

I've decided against the surgery. Guess I'll have this tube in my back and kidney for the rest of my life. I'll still have to go in about every three months to have the stent changed out. The procedure makes me really sore for a couple of days, but I think the complications from the surgery outweigh the pain. 

  • I had a CAT scan yesterday to check for any more cancer, so am waiting for the results. I also went in today for a renal scan to check out my kidney function. But when they injected the radioactive substance, some of it leaked out of the vein. They went ahead with the test hoping enough of it made it into my kidneys, but after they were done, it was decided the results were unreliable, so will have to go back on Monday and have it done again. I don't worry about me, I'm a tough ol' bird.

PLEASE sign my petition and share it with everyone you know!!!


my story would bore the living daylights out of you.

Our daughter had a garage sale yesterday and today, so I took some stuff over. Made $230 and made some room in my garage!!!!!!!




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