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  • The chemo effected to color of my hair.The hair on my head is darker than it's ever been in my life. My chin is still all white, but I have dark hair on the sides, and in my mustache that have been white for almost 10 years. On the down side, I have much more white hair on the side of my head.
  • Oh, almost forgot. Today I have officially lost just over 30 pounds since the surgery.

Looks like you're pulling a Benjamin Button also - look a lot younger in that profile photo.

About 30 seconds after that pic was taken, I ripped down the fence.

Sigh...ain't Christmas a magical season.

Late Sunday night, the Dyslexic Dodger had a stroke. It was fairly severe and several hours passed before she was able to get to the hospital. But, a combination of DD's amazing strength; her determination to live, and, now, to heal; and her courageous, loving heart, kept her alive and has set her on a miraculously fast path to recovery!

She called me on Monday to tell me what had happened, and to reassure me that, "I'll be okay!" That's our DD--worrying about others before thinking of herself. I was ecstatic that she could speak--although with some difficulty--and that she was making better sense than most people. :>)  At the time, she was partially paralyzed on her left side and couldn't walk or hold anything with her left hand (she's left-handed).

In three short days, DD has turned everything around. She is talking almost normally, walking with assistance, writing--which she couldn't do yesterday, thinking more clearly, and forgetting less; she even composed some haiku! The doctors are all utterly astounded. 

DD has made so much progress that there's talk of allowing her to go home tomorrow if home-care, and so forth, can be arranged. Her wonderful sister (who is an RN) is with her now, and she will stay as long as she can.

DD has been deluged with well wishes and flowers and visitors, of course--she is one of the sweetest, most loving people ever. If anyone would like to make a loving gesture for her, rather than flowers, a small donation to the older couple who run and personally fund a no-kill shelter where she volunteers would be best. They stepped in without hesitation to take care of her beloved Newfoundland, Landseer, and her whirlwind-of-love kitten, Ruari O'Teague, who otherwise would have suffered, or worse.  If you're interested in doing so, please PM me--I'll get their address, and so forth, sometime tomorrow, and I'll PM you the information.

Meanwhile, prayers and good wishes would be much appreciated. 


I talked to her for a while on Thur, and was amazed at how well she is doing. She is one incredible woman!!!

And she gives great hugs too!!!!!!!

You ain't kiddin', Bubba!

Hallelujah! DD is home from the hospital!!

Of course, true to modern hospital form, they sent her home without setting up the home care she'll need. Thankfully, her sister (the RN) is taking care of that. DD is pitching in with a phone call when she can. What a trooper!!!! 

DD had a rough night last night having, apparently, picked up a bug in the hospital, but she's doing way better today. I talked to her for about 15 minutes just now and we had a good laugh, and now she's heading to bed for much-needed rest. Laughing with DD makes the sun come out even at night :>).

Keep those prayers and good wishes coming!

Hugs to my little sister.

DD is making progress every day. She still gets exhausted very quickly, which drives her crazy, but that will improve with time. Doctors appointments and lots of arrangements to be made before her sister has to leave for California to go back to work.

DD's spirits are good and she's so very happy to be back with Landseer and Ruari. Ruari has taken over the hospital bed and new electric blanket--"This is all mine, Mommy!"--but won't ever stop being DD's little lover puss with a zillion therapeutic kisses every day. And Landseer, the sweetest big boy on Earth, takes care of everybody.

There are potential challenges ahead, but DD is up to them. Keep the prayers and good vibes rollin' in.

Prayers, good vibes, well wishes, hugs and smooches on the way!

DD continues to improve, her beautiful brain making new neural pathways like crazy. It's hard work, so her mind and body both tire very easily--understandably.

Her sister leaves tonight, so I'm a bit apprehensive, but I'm sure she'll do fine. She has physical and occupational therapists coming to the house over the next few days, and then a friend will come stay for a short while to get her to her neurologist and vascular surgeon's appointments. And Suzan has several acquaintances who will also help out.

Keep on truckin', DD!





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